What Your Favorite Music Genre Says About You!

From incoherent screaming to the pretentious world of Mozart, your playlist says a lot about how un-okay you are!

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Hey, you! Listen to music? No? Wrong answer! Oh, you answered yes? Great, continue reading to find out what type of person you are based on your music taste! You wouldn’t want my efforts to be put to waste, right…?

If your favorite music genre is…


Like the name suggests, you’re a real country bumpkin. You’d be the main character in a horse girl movie, and the style that fits you best would be a straw hat with a piece of grass in your mouth. You also think that crying in the shower is an adequate form of therapy for your deep rooted fear of abandonment. Why else do you enjoy an entire genre dedicated to cry-singing about simple joys? You’re basically emo if emo was a hopeless romantic with a Louisiana accent. Hence, you welcome a ton of heartbreak for the sole purpose of being able to victimize yourself afterward. How rich.


Two words: dRaMa QuEeN! You’re one of two types: the one who creates the drama or the one who gossips about the drama. Or maybe you’re a mix of both! Ms. Shamazov definitely likes you. I recommend you go to her room and have some tea while talking about your favorite opera music! Be sure to mention “Queen of the Night” from “The Magic Flute.” She loves that opera, but try not to burst her eardrums while attempting to hit the high notes, all the while making sure that you don’t resemble a dying chicken in any way. Oh, and remember to gossip about your (least) favorite chorus students while you’re there to fulfill your toxic tendencies for the day.


Principal Yu, this is for you. You have no qualms against publicly fangirling over the newest music videos from your favorite groups and showing the world that you’re a [insert artist(s) name] fan through your definitely-not-so-obvious stan keychains or hoodies. You also have the magical ability of suddenly becoming fluent in Korean when certain songs come on. You obsess over people and then quickly forget about them but convince yourself it’s okay because they wouldn’t have liked you anyway (just some personal validation of your false self-implemented sense of unlikeability). You’ve perfected that skill from the many years of experience you have of simping for a *certain* K-Pop idol (ahem ahem, totally not guilty of this myself), but then crying yourself to sleep after coming to the realization that they don't even know you exist. Or that they’re 10 years older than you, and the imaginary relationship you’ve made up would never work out in real life.


You’re quirky. You’re not like other music listeners. And most importantly, you’ve internalized the feeling of superficial splays of intelligence to fill in the deep void caused by gifted kid burnout. You’ve also managed to convince yourself that you magically understand music theory, but we all know that you can’t identify a middle C for your life. Know any composers besides Mozart or Bach? Hm? Disgrace.


Some may call you basic, but I say you’re groovy! Dare I say, *popping* off! Your childhood probably consisted of classic early 2010s staples, such as the WiiU, Nyan cat, or a strange appreciation for Radio Disney. However, you miss your childhood to such an extent that you feel a lack of joy nowadays. You turn back to the great classics to fill that hole in your heart, from Bieber’s “Baby” to that one part of “Rap God” you desperately tried to memorize as a kid. You may benefit from revisiting old memories to bring some basic joy into your daily life again. Yes, you’re shaking it off, but what if YOU were the trouble that walked in? Take some time to reflect on how your emptiness is affecting the people around you.


Well, ya like rock! Yes, I mean the sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous types of rocks. Every rock person I’ve met so far has a strange obsession with rocks. Coincidence? Not so much. I also found that rock fans enjoy holding rocks to their ears, almost like how one would put a conch shell next to their head. Maybe you have the magical ability to hear rock music just from holding it next to your ear, akin to how most can hear the sounds of the sea from a shell? Unfortunately, the setback of this is that you know nothing about the rest of the world because you’ve been living under a rock. You also may have a mild case of severe hearing damage, but that’s the price of listening to teenage angst encompassed into one genre. From slow to hardcore, there’s rock for everyone, meaning you’re quite good at reading people’s emotions! Unfortunately, this can easily lead to feelings of inadequacy and what we at The Spectator like to call “therapist syndrome.” Remember, you’re not responsible for anyone else’s feelings, even if their hearts seem to scream My Chemical Romance.


You are not okay. Period. No matter how well you can sing. You check up on the Broadway website daily to see which performances are happening and are the first to buy tickets. How are you not broke? How are you still sane? You spend your sad boi hours learning all the Disney songs by heart, because what better way to let everyone in a 100-mile vicinity know that you’re going through a character arc than to belt out a solo on the subway? You’re the type to sing your heart out in the shower and expect some little companions to listen in, namely the cockroaches that live in your house. Or your neighbors, who may or may not hate you… or love you, depending on your singing ability. How’s your throat, by the way? Should we prepare some warm, soothing tea? Listen, we love the coping mechanisms, but you can’t be sobbing to Burn from Hamilton every morning. It’s not healthy, and you’ve never even had a politician cheat on you. Probably. Live in your own moment before encapsulating someone else’s!

Heavy metal:

You like the feeling of being in a complete warzone. You also like screaming. Nonetheless, this allows you to take *relaxing* breaks no matter what's going on in the real world. A student broke a double paneled glass window with just their head? Listen to some heavy metal to forget the trauma. Kids shouting as they obsess over the fact that a human head is capable of doing that? Listen to more heavy metal to drown out the screaming. But here’s the fact of the matter: you’re misunderstood! Your demeanor may not reflect who you are inside. Listen, just be yourself, and the people who really matter will take the time to get to know your soul. You’re like… a kiwi. Rough on the outside but sweet on the inside!


There’s a dance party? You’re the one in the center of the dance floor showing off your amazing dance moves. Bumping into tons of people, yes, and getting a ton of dirty looks, but having fun nonetheless. You are not affected by how others view you. Much like how a disco ball flashes light all over the room, you don’t let anyone else cover your shine. But on the downside, you tend to be extra annoying. You’re probably that hyper kid that never shuts up. You also have a very millennial sense of humor for whatever reason. Grumpy cat died eons ago, get over it.

We 100 percent guarantee that our results are accurate and that there is no way that any of these descriptions are wrong. If you feel that none of them fit you, well, you’re wrong. Reassess yourself, because we are right and always will be. Hope you had fun and thank you! <3