Stuyvesant Hosts Third Annual Pep Rally

The third annual pep rally was held in the third floor gymnasium on Friday, November 9.

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The third annual pep rally was held in the third floor gymnasium on Friday, November 9. The organization of the pep rally was a collaborative effort by the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Caucuses, as well as the Student Union (SU).

The pep rally featured a performance by the cheer team and one by Stuyvesant’s a capella group, which performed a medley of songs, including “My Girl” by The Temptations.

Following their performance, cries of excitement echoed throughout the gymnasium as the annual dodgeball game was announced. The matches pitted freshmen against sophomores, seniors against seniors, and juniors against seniors. To conclude the dodgeball match, students in all grades battled the Stuyvesant faculty in an intense game that concluded with a win for the students.

The Student Union and Caucuses held the pep rally in hopes that it would increase school spirit and bring awareness to the fact that there are other aspects to Stuyvesant aside from being an academically rigorous environment. “Stuyvesant isn’t really big on the whole idea of school spirit and having an event like the pep rally allows us to demonstrate some school spirit, if not a lot, by supporting our teams,” junior and Student Union Vice President Vishwaa Sofat said.

Sofat also recognizes the significance of the pep rally in terms of uniting the Stuyvesant community. “It’s demonstrating that as a school, we are closer together and we will be there for one another for whatever it is, be it our homecoming game or something else like the escalator accident that happened recently,” Sofat said.

The pep rally not only helped boost school spirit but also gave students a chance to spend time with their peers outside of the classroom. “The pep rally was super fun and exciting. Everyone was able to bond with people in their grade and enjoy the performances and activities that were planned for us, such as the dodgeball tournament,” sophomore Ana-Maria Skaricic said.

“There’s something about going to a football game and going to a pep rally that really makes you feel like you’re a part of that actual genuine high school experience that we don’t get a lot of, so that was really exciting,” Junior Caucus Co-President Zeynep Bromberg said.

In the future, the SU and Caucuses would like to host the pep rally outside of Stuyvesant in order to make the event bigger.