A Stuyvesant parent writes an outraged e-mail to Principal Yu over Junior SING! Bible Camp.

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In an alternate reality, where Juniors actually did SING! about Bible Camp, one mother has a bone to pick.

FROM: chen.mina@1977


SUBJECT: My Thoughts About Junior SING!

Dear Principal Yu, 

I hope this e-mail finds you well. I’m writing to inform you that I am EXTREMELY DISPLEASED with our school’s depiction of Bible Camp for Junior SING!. As a parent, I was under the impression that my child (Class of 2024) was helping to put on a show exemplifying the moral values we all aim to instill in our children: friendship, teamwork, and hard work. When I heard the theme was camp, I expected something like The Breakfast Club, but in a summer camp. Perhaps something with outdoor activities like kayaking and archery under the great blue sky. I did not expect my kid to point out the 10-foot cross and say, “Look Mom, I helped drill screws in that!” I am absolutely mortified that your faculty advisors did nothing to prevent this HORRID idea from going through; you portrayed Bible Camp in an UNFORGIVABLE light. I myself went to Bible Camp when I was nine years old and had a WONDERFUL TIME kayaking with the rest of my campmates.

I hope that your school learns from this FAILURE of a production and recruits children with real scriptwriting talent next time. I made the difficult decision to enroll my kid in this school over Brooklyn Tech, and I would NOT want to regret that decision.


Mina Chen

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