Response to the Letter to the Editor

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We would like to extend a formal apology to the counselors of the College Office for our recent article “Mother Knows Best: Parents’ Take on the College Process.” A number of issues within the editing and layout process, in tandem with tight deadlines, meant that we were unable to do justice to the subject matter of the article.

The quote that asserted that the College Office was “useless” was meant to be cut out of the article, but we had laid out an older version of the article instead of the edited one. The former ended up being sent to the printer. This is our mistake, and we completely apologize for not catching this error earlier and removing it from our paper. We’ve uploaded an updated version of the article to our website that omits this quote.

We recognize that the quote recommending that the College Office offer more presentations was misinformed and that we should have followed up with accurate information about the office’s efforts. Finally, we were unable to get as robust a spread of sources as we should have to accurately depict the school’s feelings on the College Office. The Spectator has always strived for diligence and accountability, and we will continue to work toward an accurate and well-sourced newspaper in the future. Our goal with our “Spectator University” College Issue was to break down Stuyvesant’s relationship with the college process and promote a healthier environment surrounding admissions. We would like to thank the College Office for raising these concerns to us.