What The Editorial Board is Thankful For

In honor of Thanksgiving, the Editorial Board has compiled a list of all the things they’re thankful for at Stuyvesant.

Reading Time: 4 minutes

I’m thankful for Coach Barbin’s Stuyvesant sports enthusiasm! (Ava)

I’m thankful for Frau Lindemulder and Ms. Dwyer for always going above and beyond to be kind. (Phoebe)

I'm thankful for my free periods throughout the school day, when I have the option to socialize with others, take a much needed nap, or finish up studying for a test. (Shafiul)

I’m thankful for StuySquad, SING!, and SOS for making life at Stuyvesant more fun! (Amber)

I am thankful for the positivity and well wishes that Ms. Morel brings to every yoga class among Stuyvesant’s stressful, high-pressure environment. (Allison)

I’m thankful for all the instant ramen from Terry’s and the tiramisu and free Wi-Fi from WholeFoods. (Shreya)

I’m thankful for the record player on the first floor, the vinyls the music office purchases instead of new instruments, the musicians practicing (or showing off), the guitars from woodworking, and the unmatched talent of my peers. (Christina)

I’m thankful for teachers who let me go to the bathroom every class. Thank you and sorry. (Nada)

I’m thankful for the janitors for always maintaining and cleaning the school (I apologize for dropping crumbs during lunch)! (Vivian)

I’m thankful that Mr. Portales gives test corrections. (Nicole)

I’m thankful to every friend I had made over freshman year Zoom classes and Google Hangouts. Even if I’ve lost touch with them since then, I’ll always remember how they made such a daunting year more exciting and inclusive. (Gulam)

I’m thankful to Ms. Chan for being so understanding and making Psychology class so engaging, with dressing up as Among Us on Halloween, (trying to) hypnotize us, and so much more. (Erica)

I am thankful for the cafeteria lunch ladies for making the best chicken dishes to exist in school lunches. (Jovanna)

I am thankful for the sardonic wit of the math department, the endless compassion of the English department, the engaging mastery of social studies, the wholesome modesty of physics, and the charismatic banter of French. (Levi)

I’m thankful for the constant banter and welcoming and constructive environment of the CS department. (Theo)

I am thankful for Principal Yu’s welcoming presence at the second floor entrance every morning. (Danny)

I am thankful for the quiet study and work space in the library, I don’t know what I would do without it. (Fiona)

I am thankful for all of the teachers I have had in the past four years and all their unique, charismatic teaching styles that have truly made my Stuyvesant experience all I could have asked for, and of course all my friends who were always there for me through my ups and downs. (David)

I’m thankful for our amazing English department, where I can always find a teacher who will comfort me as I rant about my life. (Peter)

I am thankful for the “unsubmit” button on Google Classroom, for unprompted, spontaneous song recommendations from friends, and for unrequited, embarrassing crushes. These experiences have built my English essays, my Spotify playlists, and my character, respectively. (Raven)

I’m thankful for the people who fix the escalators when they break. Bless them for never giving me a leg day. (Zifei)

I’m thankful for the two (?) fish in room 727. Their commanding presence allows me to focus best in that room. (Samantha)

I’m thankful for the teachers who reluctantly wave back at me when my over-caffeinated self waves at them with way too much energy at 7:30 a.m. in the morning (Lauren)

I’m thankful for the janitorial staff who make sure the hallways I spend all my free periods sitting in and make the STC shows painting sets on are clean. (Fareha)

I’m thankful for Mr. Moore’s seemingly never-ending extra credit opportunities, his enormous dedication to teaching, and his efforts to make class periods as engaging as possible. (Eman)

I’m thankful for my period four Great Books class where my classmates make mouth-watering, professionally baked goods I would buy myself for minutes gifts each day. Thank you for keeping me awake. (Izzy)

I’m thankful to Ms. Weissman for looking away as I pull out my six-course breakfast in her class every morning. No one in period two goes hungry in her class. (Janna)

I’m thankful for Mr. Dillon who never fails to create a fun environment in his class with games and fun discussions. (Khush)

I’m thankful for all the teachers who don’t mark me late when I’m late to school almost every day. (Sathirtha)

I am thankful for the cherished smiles and chats with friends and teachers that make the whole day worth it. (Sonya)

I’m thankful to our librarians for creating a welcoming and serene environment for all the students to enjoy. (Nelli)

I’m thankful for the plants on the eighth floor. During my free periods, I like to read or do my homework on the benches nearby. (Sophia)

I’m thankful for all my amazing friends and classmates that get me through each day. (Sarah)

I’m full of thanks for the first floor—in every square inch of which you can hear the music of Chorus classes, band groups, scattered guitars, and lovers. Thank you, Music Department! (And musicians!) (Oliver)

I’m thankful for everything about Mr. Honner. His fun and interactive teaching style is always the highlight of my day. (Hellen)

I’m thankful for Meditation Mondays in Ms. Choy’s yoga class. (Maya)

I’m thankful for the square table arrangement in the Great Books room. (Momoca)

I’m thankful for my teacher and all my friends in my AP Calc BC class—thank you all for enlightening me with the Dirichlet function, “generalized power rule,” and agreeing that bees, indeed, have four wings (not two)! (Rebecca)

I’m thankful to “my son” Stuzin for being a rockstar. (Ivy)