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By Matt Melucci

Best main acting performances

Joseph (Jonathan Schneiderman, juniors)

Jonathan Schneiderman portrayed the fierce and revolutionary Joseph, who encourages his people to rise up against King Alastair and Queen Genevieve’s reign in Vienna. Right from his opening monologue, where he immediately captured the attention of the audience, Schneiderman successfully demonstrates his versatility on stage, seamlessly transitioning from comedic to intense to heartfelt with every scene he delivered.

Superfan (Emily Rubinstein, seniors)

Toting a shiny pair of roller blades and an obsessive personality, Emily Rubinstein stole the show as Superfan, a psychotic villain with an affinity for life-size dolls. Complete with a plan for Hollywood domination and a bizarre secret lair in the Hollywood sign, Rubinstein skated, acted, and sang her way through Superfan’s hilariously chaotic sequences, fitting the character in every blade, shape, and form.

Queen Genevieve (Katerina Corr, juniors)

As Queen Genevieve, Katerina Corr ruled the stage, her regal movements and punchy one-liners as enthralling as her extravagance, awing costume change in “We’re Wealthy,” and elegant makeup. From doting over her darling “eggs Benedict” to calling Gladys (Clara Yuste) a haughty “ingrate,” Corr puts on a commendable performance. While Her Majesty may have regretted hiring Violet (Stella Oh) as her son’s party planner, we certainly don’t regret giving Corr a top spot for acting the part.

Violet (Stella Oh, juniors)

Playing Violet, Stella Oh skillfully executed her character’s development from a peasant turned party planner to a level-headed and determined leader who helps the revolutionaries infiltrate the palace and stage their coup. Oh deftly portrayed Violet’s realization of the monarchy’s inherent flaws and became the central figure holding together the show.

Skye Porter (Zeynep Bromberg, seniors)

Zeynep Bromberg shone as the glamorous Skye Porter, her outfits as polished as her acting. Whether she was sitting cross-legged at the Early Early show or kissing her paramour, Bromberg’s rendition of Skye was elegant and glossy.

Honorable Mention: Cheshire Cat (Samantha Farrow, soph-frosh)

Best supporting acting performances

Lord Chad (Max Kahn, juniors)

Max Kahn shone as the prokaryotic frat boy Lord Chad, full of his signature magnetism and humor. His timing was invariably perfect, and after seeing him roll on the ground whilst booming “AND I NEED YOU MORE THAN EVER!” to his stuffed animal, you may want to rush the stage and pledge his fraternity, Kappa Apple Pie. He’s that good.

Pamplemousse Lacroix (Emma Linderman, seniors)

As fabulous as she is snobby, Emma Linderman’s Pamplemousse Lacroix served as a very entertaining rival for Rowan. She embodied a pretentious French director, with the accent to boot, and made her few appearances extremely memorable. Linderman’s taunting performance is as hard to replace as Lacroix’s name is to pronounce, and her on-point French accent will go down as one of the highlights of SING! 2020.

Wolfgang Mozart (Derick Fang, juniors)

Who said classical composers can’t have a good time? Derick Fang shone as the spacey yet lively Mozart, bringing chaotic comic relief and over-the-top antics, making his wig-wearing, baton-bearing character stand out from a crowded field.

Queen of Diamonds (Leah D’Silva, soph-frosh)

Classy and sharp as the jewelry she wore, Leah D’Silva glittered as the Queen of Diamonds. Her voice was sweet, her insults wonderfully sour. Her sassy stage presence and demeanour left us wanting more flat tummy tea-sponsored content.

Timmy Falcon (Adam Cohen, seniors)

“The Early Early Show with Timmy Falcon” might be a hard sell for television audiences, but it was perfect for Senior SING!, as Adam Cohen hilariously yelled and hollered his way through a Red Bull-induced fever dream of a talk show performance. His bulging eyes and twitching demeanor encapsulated the sleep-deprived host perfectly, leaving the audience wishing for more scenes with Falcon.

Honorable mentions: Toby (Connor Oh, seniors), Jordan (Victoria Wong, seniors), Napoleon Bonaparte (Emily Gillies, juniors)

Best moments

Shen Yun Commercial Break (seniors)

Referencing the well-known Chinese dance performance, the brief Shen Yun commercial break was the comical highlight of the show.

Junior Finale

In what can only be described as a truly grand finale, the Junior SING! Spirit Song was enhanced to legendary status with Stella Oh and Jonathan Schneiderman’s frantic flag waving, accentuating the revolutionary aspect of the show and driving it home in spectacular fashion.

Pool Noodle Sword Fight (juniors)

Soundtracked by Duel of the Fates, Junior SING! reached a comically dramatic climax that pitted royalty against revolutionary and green pool noodle against pink pool noodle.

Senior Finale

Streaming confetti, triumphant music, careening balloons, glowsticks, and smiling faces lent themselves to a wholly satisfying Senior SING! finale, providing a truly show-stopping ending. Literally.

L-I-M-O scooters (seniors)

With a cardboard limo and letters attached to scooters, the limo transition in Senior SING! was an inventive and hilarious way to bring the theme of Hollywood to life.

Honorable mention: Red carpet flashlight opener (seniors), “The Princess Bride” reference (seniors), Prince Benedict Tator’s half-birthday balloons (juniors)

Best dance performances

Senior Hip-Hop

Blink for a second and you’ll miss a whole section of choreography from Senior hip-hop. Laser sharp precision and pinpoint accuracy with each and every movement allowed this crew to shine.

Junior Modern

The modern crew’s graceful performance to the somber melody of “Someone You Loved” accentuated each dancer’s strengths and showed off their spins, leaps, and flips. The audience’s hearts soared with Sydney Yang’s high flip in the air.

Senior Step

A crowded stage full of dancers might sound like a recipe for disaster, but Senior Step expertly utilized their quantity to their advantage. Their unparalleled SING! spirit elevated their performance even further and left the audience utterly stunned.

Senior Belly

Emerging as life-size dolls from the Superfan’s lair, Senior Belly delivered an eerie performance. They captivated their viewers with their uncanny coordination and grace, accompanied by a snake-like charm.

Soph-Frosh Latin

Soph-Frosh Latin’s rhythmic, invigorating footwork, stunts, and twirls to the tune of “Señorita” and “Shape of You” dazzled, and even included a cameo from coordinator Alec Shafran during the Saturday performance.

Honorable mentions: Senior Swing, Junior Belly

Best vocal performances

Mr. Blue Sky (Lara Ongan, soph-frosh)

Lara Ongan opened up Soph-Frosh SING! with a bang, setting a high expectation for the rest of the show. With a set of belting vocals and a strong backing chorus, Ongan gave a show-stopping performance before the real show even began.

Take Me or Leave Me (Victoria Wong, Emily Rubinstein, seniors)

In this incredible vocal face-off, Victoria Wong and Emily Rubinstein didn’t compete for the microphone—they shared it. Their voices complemented each other’s perfectly in this harmonious collaboration, showcasing the jaw-dropping vocals that we’ve seen these past four years.

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark & The Phoenix (juniors)

With the pieces of their plan falling into place, the Junior SING! revolutionaries belted this upbeat number, igniting the peasants (and the audience) for the stand-off against the monarchy. Backed by a strong chorus and claps from the audience, the Fall Out Boy mashup brought out the best in cast, chorus, and band.

Tonight You Belong to Me (Ashley Choi, Lara Ongan, Lea Esipov, soph-frosh)

Closing the central arcs of three of the main characters in soph-frosh, “Tonight You Belong to Me” matched beautiful harmonies with an especially emotional performance from Lara Ongan, providing a reflective ending to a whimsical show.

Never Enough (Zeynep Bromberg, Noa Greenstein, seniors)

Despite the misleading title, this track was more than enough to beautifully complete the love story of Zeynep Bromberg and Noa Greenstein’s characters, with powerful harmonies and booming vocals anchoring a touching admittal of love and acceptance in the face of adversity.

Honorable mention: Queen of the Night (Saarah Elsayad, juniors), Holding Out For a Hero (juniors)

Best non-performing crews

Junior Costumes

Senior Tech

Junior Tech

Soph-Frosh Sound

Junior Script

Honorable mention: ʇɹɐ ɥsoɹɟɥdoS

Best band performances

Viva La Vida (juniors)

When I Was Your Man (seniors)

Holding Out For a Hero (juniors)

Mr. Blue Sky (soph-frosh)

You’re Welcome (juniors)

Honorable mention: 20th Century Fox Theme (seniors), Disney Theme (soph-frosh)

Best disses

“I had it custom made by a member of soph-frosh art crew!”—Jordan (Victoria Wong, seniors)

“Ted Sheeran? Again? Well, it’s better than Mozart.”—Queen of Diamonds (Leah D’Silva, soph-frosh)

“But didn’t everyone get deferred?”—Klaus (Michael Russo, juniors)

“Kidnap him? What is this, Senior SING!?”—Violet (Stella Oh, juniors)

“Our audience got to see the entire show on FaceBook Live thanks to the juniors!”—Nate (Joseph Yu, seniors)

Best jokes

“LIBERTE, EGALITE,” —Joseph (Jonathan Schneiderman, juniors) “FRATERNITY!” —Lord Chad (Max Kahn, juniors)

“#thisiswhatafeministlookslike” —Joseph (Jonathan Schneiderman, juniors)

“You know what’s also fantastic? Gilbert Papagayo the Lizard’s wonderful flat tummy tea!”—Queen of Diamonds (Leah D’Silva, soph-frosh)

“[We’re] only in the most iconic spot of all of Hollywood.”—Superfan (Emily Rubinstein, seniors)

“Mr. Ramirez’s childhood home?”—Jordan (Victoria Wong, seniors)

“Napoleon, like the ice cream!” —Charlie (Kyron Liu, juniors)

“Oh, honey, that's Neapolitan.”—Tess (Claire Shin, juniors)

Honorable mention: “My friend Germaine hooked me up with [a guillotine] from IKEA, and it’s their own brand: IKEAtine.”—Klaus (Michael Russo, juniors)

Best costumes, makeup, and styling

Queen Genevieve (Katerina Corr, juniors)

Superfan (Emily Rubinstein, seniors)

Prince Benedict Tator (Ian St. Germain, juniors)

The Suit Queens (Leah D’Silva, Lucy Murphy, and Ashley Choi, sophfrosh)

Junior Tap

Honorable mentions: Senior Modern, Cheshire Cat (soph-frosh), Junior Modern