The Tier of Tears

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By The Art Department

S Tier = ocean of tears

A Tier = 5 tears

B Tier = 4 tears

C Tier = 3 tears

D Tier = 2 tears

F Tier = 1 tear

S tier (ocean of tears)

AP Chemistry

When you try to drop a class and Mr. Yu tells you to “represent women in STEM”

When someone mistakes you for a freshmen

When you are a freshmen

A tier (5 tears)

AP CS exams

When you fail an exam and the person next to you says “I got a hundred and didn’t study”

When you’re studying and you fall asleep

When your teacher rounds down your grade

When you want to ask a teacher for a recommendation but you’re failing their class

When you pass by the sophomore bar

B tier (4 tears)

When you spend five hours debugging your code and you realize that you forgot a bracket

When you get rejected by the Junior Caucus

When you’re trying to work on a group project but your partners leave you on seen

When your crush sees your ID photo

When you need a 60 on Albert to get credit for a homework assignment but you get a 59

C tier (3 tears)

When you fall down the stairs and land in front of a senior

When you see couples make out in the hallway

When there’s a fire drill during your free period and you’re trying to finish your homework due next period

When it’s the “test” week

When two people block the escalators

Wheelie backpacks in the hallway

When you fall asleep in class and get caught

When your teachers change in the middle of the semester

D tier (2 tears)

Double science classes

Toilet paper runs out in the bathrooms

When Simon takes your headphones

When you accidentally wave at the wrong person

When you miss your train by a second

When you’re late to Spanish class *cough* Simon *cough* and your teacher says “Afuera!”

When you get locked out of the locker room

When your phone dies and nobody has a portable charger

F tier (1 tear)

The moment you realize you changed for gym but it wasn’t a gym day

When a gym teacher tells you you have a “healthy chest”

Third floor girls bathroom towel dispenser

Long Ferry’s line

When the scanner ladies yell at you

When the escalator breaks down

When you see a rat scampering around in the school