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Issue 3, Volume 112

By Ethan Lam 

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This isn’t a Humor article. I lied! Hold up, don’t stop reading. Hear me out, it’ll take just a minute.

So, here I am, writing an article at too-late-in-the-morning-a.m. o’clock. I’m past the deadline for my article and my editors are severely disappointed in me.

Anyway, I thought about all the time I’ve spent writing for The Spectator. And then thought about all of the ways I could’ve used that time instead, like procrastinating on my college essays. Which has led me to an introspective journey: What am I even doing here? What’s the point of anything, really? Does anyone actually read my articles? Is life worth living? Why have people failed to recognize that 100 percent of violent crime in this solar system is committed on Earth?

Ok, let’s rewind a little bit.

Let’s focus on one question: does anyone actually read my articles?

Let’s take a survey.

I- I promise I won’t cry at the results.

Scan the QR code provided to prove that people read my articles and to give me validation.

Okay, thanks, bye.