The Only “Back to School” List You’ll Need

Reading Time: 1 minute

A Bucket

Sometimes, tissues simply aren’t enough to hold your tears. And you’ll have a lot of them this year.

Calculator (with flappy bird installed)

What, you’ll need something to avoid death from boredom in Algebra II? Just be sure to do so strategically—and avoid getting caught.

Among Us Lunchbox

Surefire way to become the coolest kid on the block (or in the Cafeteria, for this case).

Eraser that’s ha(s a bite taken out of it)lf broken

The real mystery behind this object is how they are always bitten. Do they make them like that, or has your dog simply mistaken it for a fetch toy?

Post it notes

Let’s face it, they come in handy in any situation. You can use them when you’re taking detailed textbook notes, or to pass notes to your friends when you’re stuck in a tiresome class.

Black Air Force 1s

Coolest kicks on the block. Forget the dunks and Jordan 4s, these shoes are so versatile and will go with any fit. A must have!

Broken Looseleaf

Perfect to complement your binder. The looseleaf holes are broken, just like how we all are inside.

Pillow pet (especially recommended for freshman)

A two-in one so your head doesn’t hit the desk and leave a bruise next time you fall asleep in chemistry class. Not only will all your classmates be jealous, you will also have a lifelong friend.

Sugar cane

The next time your teacher tells you to spit out your gum, simply draw out a six-foot sugar cane and take a bite out of it. The whole stick should be enough to keep you awake at school.