The Editorial Board’s Anonymous Confessions

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Everyone knows anonymous facebook confessions are the best way to express your fully honest thoughts and opinions about Stuyvesant. So, here are some of the Editorial Board’s own anonymously submitted confessions. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

“I use The Spectator as toilet paper.” X

“Tall people are just so rude for like existing” X

“Saw someone fold a freshman over their knee and snap their spine for sport at the sophomore bar, and then they just walked away. This is unbelievable and disrespectful to our janitorial staff. Clean up your messes, people.” X

“Jorts are hot” x

“Bald teachers are the bomb” X

“Let's get more PDA on the escalators! Society has definitely not moved beyond the need for PDA on the escalators. I'm sure we love seeing them kissing and not-so-silently being reminded that we do not in fact have a partner. The prevalence of such a phenomenon has gradually increased the down-badness at Stuy.” X

The sports department is not the front page of the newspaper. They need to stop saying that fr X

“the ppl in this school honestly aren't that smart” X

“AP Chemistry is clearly the easiest class and anyone who thinks otherwise is not competent in STEM. The second on that list is AP Computer Science. What is so hard about if statements and return statements?” X

“Oh, and just because I got rejected from Opinions doesn’t mean my opinions are bad. I just don’t think climate change is real." X

“walking down the Hudson staircase. Found a mangy possibly extraterrestrial creature spawning from a sticky corner puddle between the third and fourth floors. Named him Fido. I love Fido.” X

“School food is honestly not that bad. 99.99% of the students in stuy are just picky af”

“all the guys here dress the same and have the same hairstyle” X

"God, spec is so rigged and unrelatable and boring. Every issue is just the same and everyone who writes has a superiority complex.” X

“Stuy should bring back ‘naked jousting’ day”

“Stuy has really gone downhill in recent years tbh. The deans have stopped confiscating phones! Like wth? I kind of liked getting yelled at” X

“borrowed a school textbook and returned it without the covers” X