Stuyvesant Students’ Concerns on Financial Literacy

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“I’m taking personal finance right now but there should definitely be more sections of that class, literally a million times more important than something like art app or music app.” —anonymous

“I’m worried about taking out a college loan after high school.” —Mehruba Tithi, sophomore

“I would want a financial literacy class as a requirement, because I wouldn’t take it as an elective.” —Mehruba Tithi, sophomore

“I would be interested in a class but I’m concerned that an entire period is a big commitment.” —Riya Sundaram, freshman

“In my opinion, a financial literacy class would be a better use for life than something like drafting [or] art appreciation.” —anonymous

“I see financial literacy as something that could be lumped into a larger ‘life skills’ class, along with stuff about the college application process and stuff that was formerly included in home ec[onomics] classes.” —Nora Miller, senior

“I think it would make a lot more sense to offer a couple day seminar or something of that sort rather than a full semester class that I would have to commit a full period of my day to. I would love to learn about financial literacy to a greater extent, but I feel that I would not want to spend a full semester in class learning about it, nor do I feel that it is necessary to give that much attention to it.” —Elizabeth Harris, sophomore

“I don’t know what financial literacy is. If the class was an elective I would take it.” —Faiza Mia, sophomore

“Stuy is not doing enough to promote financial literacy and the school should implement a class. I have no idea how to do my taxes and somewhere down the line that might be an issue.” —Eileen Lin, junior