Students Review AP Courses on Yelp

Some of y’all are ruthless but CollegeBoard deserves it.

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By Joanna Meng

The following are the most upvoted reviews from the Stuyvesant division of CollegeBoard’s new Yelp review integration. These are the since-purged reviews we’ve managed to dig up. CollegeBoard denies employing any moderators to do this despite the glaring evidence.



“So useless and random, stuy doesn’t even offer it anymore—even teachers looked back and cringed at the curriculum.” —collegebored1836

“no hugging involved. very misleading. am still lonely.” —xXtouchstarvedXx



“I did not need eight months to learn that humans are bad for the environment. My mom tells me I’m a waste of space every day anyway. 0/10 do not recommend.” —pay4myther@py

“why the heck are there like 4895948 different cycles that we need to understand?? why are there 12 billion mining methods and why are none of them named after a minecraft mining method? I was scammed” —diamondPickaxe23

“Teacher was cool, course was cool, but evidently the planet is not. I have learned that it is, in fact, warming. Thanks APES.” —alittleclueless

“free grade didn’t ask didn’t care got a 5 take the L get ratio’d” —trololololol



“Mr. Hanna is this sweet funky dude who borderline roleplays as European leaders sometimes. I vibe with that.”— tryhardm0ment

“enjoying lesson on authoritarian rule, will definitely apply it one day” —DOMINATION101

“mmmmm. white people drama. just like a soap opera if you had to write a document based analysis on the plot. almost took one star off for that part.” —gimmetea123



“i would rank ap calc bc a + c *badum tsss*” —multiplyingurmom

“There are two kinds of people. The first group have normal, human abilities in mathematics. They learn slowly, but over time they understand. A medium amount of work can give them a rigorous enough challenge without it seeming like math is impossible. The second group is a mythical tribe, born with an innate gift for calculation and proof. They can handle workloads that normal people would otherwise describe as “insane” or “masochistic.” It almost seems like they “enjoy” doing math. If you are in the first group, take AB. If you are in the second, take BC. If you’re not a math person you will absolutely curse the heavens during every waking hour of this course. DON’T DO IT. Please.” —BestowingWisdom

“crying screaming throwing up AB gives you a bit of a safety net but BC is like numbers on steroids oh god whatdoes it mEAN” —emotionaldamage

“no” —anonymous



“i want death and table e is now traumatizing” —djfekhfuewhifk

“Drank the purple juice chemical in the lab, that was fun. Woke up at Brooklyn Tech eight hours later. No memory of the in-between. Other than that, my calculator went through so much abuse. I heard it cry.” —nottheBrightest87

“would give it one star but many good pickup lines came out of this course. hey girl are you a titration lab because it’s very difficult to satisfy your conditions precisely, but when i do it balances out perfectly. ayo baby are you a nucleus to my electron because i orbit you and would release (or was it absorb) energy to get closer to u” —ohsolonely



“they saw how starved humanities kids were for APs and threw us a bone with this one.” —hdxthrow

“A year of looking at art and realizing I could totally do that too. Sobbing in lost opportunity” —Anonymous



“crying” —procrastinatingrnrnrnrnrn

“Jumped from europe to africa to east asia in like a week, dang i just pulled an ariana grande w this curriculum” —oopHistory928