Spectator Sports’ Super Bowl Picks

Brady against Mahomes, a matchup for the ages! Here are the Spectator Sports Staff’s predictions for Super Bowl LV.

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By Julia Shen

These predictions were made prior to the Super Bowl.

“The lovely Tampa Bay Buccaneers are going to win because Tom Brady always finds a way to get into the Super Bowl. Doesn't matter what the Chiefs do, that’s just how it works. As per usual, he will pull off some ridiculous play and score a last-minute touchdown or find a player who makes a beautiful catch to score touchdown after touchdown. My only comfort is he will retire next season after this 10th appearance in the Super Bowl and what could possibly be his seventh win.”

—Aki Yamaguchi, senior

“As redundant as it may get, Tom Brady will be walking out with the Vince Lombardi Trophy and his seventh ring. Patrick Mahomes has been dominating the NFL for a while, but Brady’s been doing it for decades. Even after a fresh start with him leaving the Patriots, Brady has proven that he alone can dominate the NFL. Love him or hate him, he’ll take his team to another win. It’s just what he does.”

—Sathirtha Mondal, sophomore

“It's time that Tom Brady passes on the torch to the next great quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs proved to be a powerful force throughout the season and look to win their second Super Bowl in a row to top it all off. Patrick Mahomes has enough weapons for an impeccable offense, and the Chiefs’ defense have proved that they can beat any passing game, including Tom Brady’s. While the Buccaneers won their matchup against the Packers by the skin of their teeth, the Chiefs are coming off a hot streak. The defending champions are eager to create a new dynasty by beating the quarterback of the old, and Tom Brady must give it his all if he wants to win his seventh ring.”

—Yaqin Rahman, junior

“The Kansas City Chiefs will secure another ring this year, led by future legend Mahomes. Though Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has much more experience in championship games, the speed and all-around versatility of the Chiefs [are] enough to outscore him. Their stacked offense will overcome Tampa Bay’s high-ranked defense for almost unstoppable drives. Especially if Brady throws picks like he did against Green Bay, he'll have a tough day in Tampa.”

—Ava Quarles, freshman

“It’s becoming clear that Patrick Mahomes is the most talented football player of all time. He makes amazing throws look effortless, and he could be down 100 points and still win the game. Mahomes is the best player the league has ever seen, and the Chiefs’ defense is very underrated, with terrific stars in Chris Jones and Tyrann Matthieu. Overall, the Chiefs will win this game, and Mahomes may even go on to beat Brady’s record of six Super Bowl rings. Foolish as it may sound, Brady will lose.”

—Ben Hamel, junior

“As a general rule, you should never bet against Brady. But this time, things are different. This time, Brady is mortal. This time, for the first time in his Super Bowl career, Brady will be overmatched, dueling superstar (and probably future G.O.A.T.) Patrick Mahomes. In the NFC Championship game, while Tampa Bay upset the favored Packers, Brady tossed three interceptions and saw big stops from the defense saving the day. Meanwhile, Kansas City coasted in the AFC Championship with Mahomes not even at 100 percent after he went through the concussion protocol the week before the game. With a healthy Mahomes and the rest of the team in great form, it doesn’t seem like there’s any team in the NFL that can beat the Chiefs.”

—Krish Gupta, junior

“I’m no expert on football, so take my prediction with a grain of salt. However, one thing I am sure of is that you simply cannot bet against Tom Brady. He has been performing at this level for decades, whereas Patrick Mahomes has only been doing it for a few years. With the utmost respect [toward] everything Mahomes has accomplished, I believe Tom Brady’s experience, leadership, and sheer determination will give him the edge in this showdown.”

—Nakib Abedin, sophomore