Smoking Hot Takes on Junior SING!

Ever wanted to sign up for Stuyvesant’s very own Bible Camp…?

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By Stacey Chen

Behold! Stuyvesant High School’s very own Bible summer camp, featuring not Jesus…but Avatar?!

The main storyline of Junior SING! was this: the quirky and spirited Fire cabin dramatically clashed with the spirited and quirky Wind cabin, which dramatically clashed with the quirky and spirited Earth cabin, which THEN dramatically clashed even more with the spirit-filled and quirked-up Water cabin. Oh yeah, and throw in an obsessive lover!

Despite the holiness the campers were supposed to uphold, they successfully killed off a character (psst, Soph-Frosh SING! and Senior SING!, take notes). On top of that, they managed to get the audience to appreciate Skylar’s murder, sparing them from the giga-cringe that would come if he uttered one more piece of attempted rizz.

As for who killed Skylar, Junior SING! heartwarmingly reminded us that when in times of internal crisis, we should collectively solve our problems by turning on each other and gaslighting everyone. Why reasonably play detective when you can instead commit arson for fun and then hook up with the accused murderer to thereby escape criminal persecution with a wholesome love confession?

Overall, Junior SING! managed to crank out a show that proficiently combined the forces of Water, Earth, Fire, Wind, and absolutely mid writing. And for those who came to see their friends onstage: in the end, what really mattered were the friends we ignored on the way.