SHSAA vs. CSA: The Alumni Make Their Case

The SHSAA and CSA alumni groups make their case for how to best serve Stuyvesant High School.

Reading Time: 10 minutes

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By Matt Melucci

For years, the Stuyvesant High School Alumni Association (SHSAA), a major source of funding for Stuyvesant, has faced characterizations by some alumni as being opaque in its organization and fundraising. Some years ago, the SHSAA implemented some reforms, but many alumni were still left dissatisfied, prompting the formation of the Concerned Stuyvesant Alumni (CSA) Group. Two years ago, the CSA began a boycott of the SHSAA, withholding all funds in favor of donations to other organizations linked to Stuyvesant like the Parents’ Association. The two groups make their cases.