Senior SING! Goes Up in Hellfire

If you wanted a rizz tutorial, or if you wanted to deal with the sins regarding your rizzlationship problems, Senior SING! is the one for you.

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By The Photo Department

If there is anything that Senior SING! has taught us, it’s that an antidote to poison equates to protection during sex. If there is anything else that the show has taught us, it’s that we all need Mr. Wan’s Ultra Moisturizing daily facial skincare routine.

Disregarding the much needed rizz tricks—or rather, what NOT to do when trying to pull someone—seniors: are you okay? We all know it is your last semester at this school, and you wanna try out the Hudson Staircase hookup before you graduate, but did you need to tell all of us that? There were CHILDREN in the audience.

Everything else about Senior SING! can be disregarded—who cares about a silly little scrimmage between Envy, who clearly cared about the love of her life more than the job offer (which defeats the entire Senior SING! plotline), and Pride, who threw away all their pride while throwing a bajillion tantrums? What we need is the solution to rizzing people up, NOT a tantrum!

But seeing that we are already here…what is the solution to the tantrum? Being CANCELLED, of course, and while we have no confirmation of there being Twitter in hell (that would probably be a paradox), we are once again reminded that the solution to all problems in life (death?) is to use the power of friendship to unionize against one’s pride.

Even with none of the seven deadly sins being deadly, and no one actually getting killed, Senior SING! would like to remind us that maybe the real sinners are us ourselves and that when dealing with how to un-sin or how to get rizz (or both?), always use protection.