Senior Portraits

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1. What is the typical procedure for setting up portraits, and how does the pandemic affect the logistical procedure this year?

2. How are portraits being taken this year? Are there any significant challenges in standardizing the portraits?

2.25: What safety measures are implemented to practice social distancing? Given that hundreds of students will walk through those doors, how is the company working to ensure that it is safe? (addressed in previous answer 2)

2.5. How did you guys decide on the procedure this year? Was it due to student demand or just ideas from the Indicator?

2.6. Do students wear masks during the photo or do they have to take it off?

2.75. What if people have a fever or those who have Covid? How do they make it up?

3. Portraits were released suddenly, with very short notice for students. On top of that, there were not enough time slots to accommodate for all 800+ senior students. Will there be availability in the future?

5. What is being done for students who are not allowed to travel to Brooklyn to take their portraits?

6. Why are you not accepting self-submissions? Is it a yearbook design issue?

7. How are you planning to provide financial support for students who cannot afford senior portraits?

7.5: is the fundraising process different this year?

7.75. Are submissions by students taken by outside photographers expected to be formatted and the same in appearance as the school sponsored photographer’s photos?

7.9: If someone chooses the self submission, will the cap and gown be delivered to their house?

8. Is the delay in senior portraits affecting the rest of the yearbook design process?

9. Which option are you both personally doing and why?

9.5. How would you say the implementation of senior portraits this year has made a positive impact on your grade and the entire COVID situation?

10. Anything else you would like to share/ add on/ comment on?