Physical Affection or Tacos? What Stuyvesant Craves in the Dead of Night

A buffet of responses—what do the folks of Stuyvesant crave at night?

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A buffet of responses—what do the folks of Stuyvesant crave at night?

“One Shin [Ramyun] package with two eggs, fully cooked.” —Sunny Bok, senior

“At night, I crave really heavy foods or things I haven’t had in a while—especially cheesy pizza or chicken. But in the morning and afternoon, I crave snacks and foods that are less rich, like cereal or chips, especially when I’m stressed.” —Serena Chan, senior

“Cake and also salami.” —Daniel Fridlyand, junior

“Nachos. Or whatever I see people eating during the day is what I will crave at night.” —Larissa Yue, sophomore

“Fried chicken.” —Taha Hussain, senior

“Ice cream, gummies, barbecue/spicy chips, coffee, and chocolate. These taste so much better at night for some reason. ” —Jahan Kavi, senior

“The best food to have in the middle of the night are Sour Patch, Oreos, and ramen.” —Fahima Miajee, senior

“Sleep, mostly.” —Ian Graham, junior

“Ice cream and noodles.” —Nicole Chen, sophomore

“Super weird, but… roasted seaweed and rice cracker snacks. I have loved seaweed my whole life.” —Lauren Stuzin, English teacher

“My late-night craving is ice cream because why not? Ice cream is the superior dessert, and it's good in any season at any time.” —Seong Yoon Oh, senior

“Even though I don't actually go for it, at night, I always want pasta. So my late-night craving is pasta.” —Alicia Pohan, English teacher

“To be honest, it depends on my mood, but they are intense! I can't eat too early, so I end up having a brunch kind of thing, and I’m not hungry for dinner. Right now, my late-night cravings would be something chocolatey and then something spicy.” —Katelan Balkissoon, junior

“Anything with chocolate.” —Riona Anvekar, junior

“Physical affection.” —Sasha Burshteyn, junior

“Cocoa Krispies with milk.” —Andrea Khoury, junior

“The last late-night craving that I had literally was chicken—grilled chicken.” —Victor Veytsman, junior

“I usually crave something spicy, probably like chips, or maybe steak.” —Khujista Umama, junior

“I don't crave much late at night but probably ice cream; or if I'm really hungry, bibimbap.” —Sarah Huynh, sophomore

“A three-minute Oreo mug cake, always.” —Sharon Liu, sophomore

“Company cause I’m always alone.” —Ethan Lin, sophomore

“I normally crave something salty, maybe ham.” —Zhi Yuan Fang, health teacher

“Usually, I end up eating cereal.” —Victoria Yu, senior

“It really depends. Sometimes it’s dumplings or Korean fried chicken, and other times it’s sweet stuff like sorbet. But BBQ chips [are] the move.” —Christopher Liu, junior

“My late-night craving would be Häagen-Dazs’[s] strawberry ice cream and SkinnyPop Popcorn!” —Stephanie Shen, senior

“Animal crackers.” —Raymond Xu, senior

“Sleep.” —Daniel Ye, senior