On Again, Off Again

A look into jobs over quarantine.

Reading Time: 1 minute

With the onslaught of COVID, most restaurants, offices, and other public establishments closed down due to safety. As a result, on top of struggles with remote learning and stress, many students also had to deal with losing jobs or internships that they enjoyed pre-quarantine. However, as safety measures in the city increased and coronavirus numbers went down, many of these openings resumed operation, leading many Stuyvesant students to start new jobs or restart ones they put on pause.

With the pandemic, the nature of jobs have also mostly accommodated to a virtual setting. Online outlets promote the rise of small businesses, which is the case with sophomore Jessica Zhuo. Over the summer, Zhuo created her jewelry shop, Urban Jewelry, under the handle @jessicazhuo. Her Depop shop soon gained traction as it amassed 2k followers and about 985 sales. She also received support from her parents as they both work in a jewelry store. “I started my shop because I was sick of being broke all the time and since my parents worked in a jewelry store, I had a little experience with this,” she described.

Zhuo enjoys the benefits of running a successful online business, including the influx of income and instant gratification from her success. “My favorite part is seeing my numbers rise and not being broke anymore. I think taking good product photos and fast communication is a big part of how my business became successful,” Zhuo said. To help others who may be interested in starting their own businesses as a job, Zhuo has some advice. “This might sound cheesy but don’t give up. Also, watch lots of YouTube videos to help you because they are very very informative and helpful. Also, if you want to start doing something, start it. Don’t wait until someone does it before you,” she offered.