Jump Scare!: Teacher Halloween Costume Suggestions

The Editorial Board suggests teacher costumes for Halloween 2023 (no explanation necessary!).

Reading Time: 1 minute

Mr. and Mrs. Sterr should be Barbie and Ken. 

Ms. Morel should be Ms. Honey from Matilda.

Ms. Freytag should be Judy from Zootopia

Mr. Autry should be the crying emoji.

Mr. Rubenstein should be the food critic from Ratatouille

Mr. Moore should be Once-ler, the guy from the Lorax who chops down all the trees.

Ms. Lindemulder should be Krampus.

Mr. Hanna should be a Parisian baguette. 

Ms. Ambía should be Minnie Mouse. 

Ms. Weissman should be Yogi Bear.

Mr. [David] Wang should be Warren Buffett. 

Mr. [Neil] Wang should be the apple that—at least according to myth—struck Isaac Newton on the head. 

Mr. Moran should be an FBI agent. 

Mr. Staley should be a saxophone. 

Ms. Choy should be a fairy godmother. 

Mr. Stephan should be a different Stefan: Stefan Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries.

Mr. Wrigley should be Bernini’s David.