Jeremy Rynders Replaces Randi Damesek as AP of Organization

Randi Damesek resigned from her position of Assistant Principal of Organization and has been replaced by Jeremy Rynders.

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To find a replacement for Damesek, Contreras reached out to a few colleagues. “[Rynders] was highly recommended by trusted colleagues, including [Damesek],” Contreras said.

Contreras values Rynders’ experience and understanding of Stuyvesant culture and believes these qualities made him stand out from the other candidates. “He has six years of experience doing operations, so he knows all the systems, from [human resources] to budget,” Contreras said. “I felt that he scripted in his [application] letter some of the larger understanding of the student body [such as] the reference of the desire to go to the moon, and we have many students here [with] equivalent ambitions [...] to do something bigger than themselves. And he understood that unique part of Stuyvesant.”

Rynders feels honored to be selected as the new AP of Organization and is eager for the school year to start. “Stuyvesant is a place where the sky's the limit when it comes to what students will achieve, and I'm excited to be a part of that,” he said.

At the same time, Rynders is also aware of the challenges he will have to face. “Stuyvesant is a large and dynamic school that demands someone be able to consider the needs of a great number of competing priorities,” Rynders said. “I hope to be a school leader that people will see as responsive, resourceful, and fair.”

During this upcoming school year, Rynders hopes to build a relationship with the students, staff, and parents. “I believe those relationships are essential to the effective execution of my duties, but I acknowledge that [it] is no small task with a student body of 3,500 young people,” he said.

Rynders has yet to go through the Chancellor’s Regulation C-30—a process that regulates the selection of APs—to be appointed as a permanent AP of Organization. “I had the option to bring in Rynders immediately [with] a C-30, but I choose to not [to] in the absence of all [the administrators]. I like to hear everyone else’s voice and opinion,” Contreras said.

Later this year, Contreras will issue a post for the permanent AP of Organization position. Candidates like Rynders will be able to apply and will have to go through the C-30 process, which includes an interview with the School Leadership Team—a council of student, parent, and faculty representatives.

Contreras does not expect the change in administration to affect the student body. “[People] come and go, but one constant is the brilliance of our students, and that’s what makes Stuy a very special place. The work of adults will always be significant, but our defining piece is how we support the brilliant hardworking ambition of our student body. And that is what is most important, regardless of who’s name is to that title,” Contreras said.