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Here's… “Some Good News”

John Krasinski’s “Some Good News” and other talk show hosts are altering their content amid the coronavirus pandemic to connect to people from their homes.

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By Chloe Huang

John Krasinski is giving us “Some Good News” for a change in our newly virtual world, and with a touch of comedy at that. Amidst the rising death toll, Krasinski shares all the triumphiant stories and heroes behind the scenes, giving us hope and helping us see some light in these mostly dark times. These stories are not only about coronavirus or cancer survivors, but also about the heroes who are putting themselves at risk to save people in hospitals or provide food for those who don’t have any.

Krasinski features guests on “Some Good News'' through Zoom and premade videos, putting together his show in a low tech way that wouldn’t be acceptable in a non-corona time. He opens with a creative video made by viewers, giving this show a more charming and comfortable feel. A few weeks ago, kids were singing their own made up theme song in harmony, and the opening last week was a knit puppet of himself. Some of Krasinski’s co-stars from “The Office,” such as Steve Carrell and my favorite, Rainn Wilson, have made appearences on “Some Good News.” John talks with regular citizens or inserts videos from Twitter or other platforms, making the show feel very authentic and hit closer to home.

“Some Good News” started as a way to highlight good news during this time, but now it’s actually creating good news. Everyone is missing out on something during quarantine, so Krasinski uses his new show as a platform to fill these gaps. He gave nurses working in the corona units of a Boston hospital a much needed break, bringing them to Fenway Park stadium to show his, and the collective audience’s, gratitude. He threw a virtual prom with Billie Elish, Chance the Rapper, and The Jonas Brothers performing for the senior class of 2020. He asked people for their favorite recipes and recorded famous chefs, such as Martha Stewart, on Zoom making the dishes. Chef Guy Fieri was featured on the show and has launched a relief fund for struggling restaurant workers. Through “Some Good News,” Pepsi donated $3 million, bringing the fund up to $20 million. While this may have served as a Pepsi advertisement, and the company wouldn’t have donated that much otherwise, “Some Good News” still brings light to people’s lives.

Many other talk and entertainment shows are also navigating these unknown times. “Saturday Night Live” tries to maintain normalcy by using recorded Zoom and personal skits that reflect common struggles during quarantine. They made, for instance, a comedic workplace Zoom skit, exploring virtual workplace stereotypes. Without their extravagant sets of the Oval Office or a Game Show, their skits feel more relatable and tangible. A number of other daily shows have made alterations as well. Trevor Noah’s Daily Show extended its time by 15 minutes, and its increased viewership tells of the importance of both comedy and news during these unsure circumstances. The talk show hosts are really getting into the spirit of filming in the comfort of their own homes. Jimmy Fallon even changed the name of his show to “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: At Home Edition” and made a new ending card that includes his wife and children. Krasinski includes his children in the show by using his daughter’s art for the logo. Stephen Colbert filmed while taking a bubble bath, and there is a running joke on “Some Good News” about Krasinski only wearing the top half of his suit (his bottoms have included underwear, an apron, and a tutu).

We normally see these celebrities on their fancy sets with a huge crew behind the camera. This new setting gives us a chance to see them in their natural habitats. We can see their own creativity in making backgrounds, like the different types of knick knacks on the shelves behind Krasinski in “Some Good News.” We get to see the behind-the-scenes of the shows and people we are so used to watching. In a world full of social distancing, these shows have become more personal and relatable for viewers all around the world, as we are all living through the same crisis. These shows give us something to look forward to and provide structure in our monotonous lives. “Some Good News” was made specifically to combat all the bad news we hear during quarantine, and its unique homemade touches add a special quality to the show. If there were a coronavirus time capsule, “Some Good News” would be included as a prime example of how entertainers and audience are coming together to create content and lighten up a very difficult time.