Freshman Caucus 2022: Solomon Binyaminov and Veronika Gulko

This year saw another enormous volume of Freshman Caucus tickets, with 16 pairs running for the position. The Spectator has chosen to endorse two of these tickets.

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With a focus on their core values of collaboration, representation, events, and welfare, the Binyaminov-Gulko ticket boasts an ambitious platform and years of prior experience that make them distinguished candidates for this year’s Freshman Caucus co-presidents.

The duo’s policies feature smaller-scale ideas, like a commute buddy system, as well as larger, sweeping changes, like modifying the 4:00 p.m. policy regarding building re-entry and creating a freshman-specific hangout spot (similar to the Senior Bar or Junior Atrium). Though some of their policies lack feasibility, the diversity of the Binyaminov-Gulko platform, paired with their fervor for development and implementation, assures that many of their ideas will find a place within the student body. Specifically, their ideas for events, e-mail updates/newsletters, and a freshman database—a website or LinkTree to compile information and resources specific to freshmen—while not groundbreaking, are a welcomed addition for many freshmen still trying to find their footing at Stuyvesant. The pair also emphasizes communication and feedback with not only their constituents, but also teachers and other faculty members, citing plans to work with the administration, the SLT, and the Student Union to make sure the freshman class and, more broadly, the entire student body are well-integrated.

Having been friends for five years before entering Stuyvesant, the pair has good chemistry and an effective working relationship. “I think we have compatible skill sets,” Gulko said, citing Binyaminov’s involvement with sports teams and speech & debate, as well as Gulko’s role as student body president at her middle school. As the student body president, Gulko ran a newsletter, helped plan/fundraise for their prom and graduation, and even worked alongside teachers on academic policies. Alongside Binyaminov’s experience in many extracurriculars, the duo has a broad perspective on the student body and plans on using it to better inform their policies. Gulko and Binyaminov value compromise and the two sides they can bring to the discussion. The pair aims to establish transparency and open communication with both their policies and their style of leadership, which seeks to engage as many voices as possible. Given Binyaminov and Gulko’s wealth of experience, solid platform, and passion for student government, The Spectator endorses this ticket.