Freshman Caucus 2022: Vanna Lei and Cayla Chew

Issue 5, Volume 113

By The Editorial Board 

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By communicating with various upperclassmen and freshmen, the Lei-Chew ticket has made it a point to create unique and feasible policies; it is apparent that much preparation has gone into their platform. Their connections and ability to communicate easily with others are important skill sets for navigating student government. Their close connection speaks to how well the pair complements each other, as they are able to constantly bounce off of one another and make room for the other to speak.

With enjoyable events like locker decorating sessions, bouquet-making competitions, and a Pi Day event where students can throw pies at teachers, the duo has a fair share of engaging ideas. Beyond the fun and games lie useful freshman-centered policies, like installing hooks in the swim gym locker rooms; the floors are subject to grime and dirty water, so when students drop their clothes or towels on the ground, there’s an incredible amount of inconvenience. Other policies like creating a freshman office on the eighth or ninth floor, similar to spaces that sophomores, juniors, and seniors have, would be beneficial for freshmen.

Lei and Chew have known each other since they attended middle school at Bay Academy and have become close friends over the years. Their chemistry and innate understanding of each other mean that they are often on the same page, but when they are not, they are respectful of each other’s ideas and compromise. Though neither has past experience with student government, both have a wide range of leadership experience. Chew managed and produced talent shows for three years, each with an audience of 500 people. She has also trained in taekwondo from a young age, which taught her the values of teamwork and learning from her peers. Lei has already become freshman captain of Stuy Cast, and she tutors children ranging in age from five to 14. Furthermore, she took a leadership course over the summer to prepare for her role in the Stuyvesant community.

Lei and Chew’s interests balance each other out, as Lei is STEM-oriented and Chew loves to nurture her artistic side. If elected, they plan to use their different strengths to connect with as many people as possible. Chew will focus on their social media presence and creative event planning, while Lei will manage funding and their website, which she coded entirely from scratch. Both are clear that they want to prioritize mental health through events that allow freshmen to destress and form lasting friendships. Thus, The Spectator endorses this ticket.