Class of 2024 Freshman Survey

Results of the freshman survey for the Stuyvesant class of 2024.

Reading Time: 5 minutes

See our analysis of the survey, along with graphs, here:

Part A: Demographic Information

1. Choose the race that best describes your background.

a) Asian 78.8%

b) Black 3.5%

c) Hispanic 3.8%

d) White 19.1%

e) Other (American Indian, Pacific Islander) 3.8%

2. Choose what best describes your legal status in the United States.

a) U.S. Citizen (Passport) 86.0%

b) Permanent Resident (Green Card + Passport of another country) 6.7%

c) Dual Citizenship (Passport of two countries) 5.4%

d) Visa 1.6%

e) Other 0.3%

3. Choose the religion that you identify with.

a) Christianity (Catholicism, Protestantism, etc.) 19.1%

b) Islam 13.7%

c) Judaism 4.3%

d) Agnosticism/Atheism 47.8%

e) Hinduism 4.0%

f) Buddhism 3.5%

g) Other 5.6%

4. How would you classify your family’s socioeconomic status?

a) Lower/working class 11.8%

b) Middle class 45.2%

c) Upper middle class 22.6%

d) Upper class 3.0%

e) I don’t know 17.5%

5. The highest level of education either of my parents/guardians received was:

a) Middle School 4.6%

b) High School 20.4%

c) Associate Degree (two years of college) 8.6%

d) Bachelor’s Degree (four years of college) 32.0%

e) Post-college education 34.4%

6. What type of middle school did you attend?

a) Selective Public School or Gifted & Talented Program (NEST+m, Mark Twain, etc.) 60.5%

b) Zoned Public School 35.2%

c) Private School 4%

d) Parochial School 0.3%

e) Homeschool 0.0%

7.I identify as the following gender:

a) Male 47.8%

b) Female 50.8%

c) Non-binary/Genderfluid 0.8%

d) Unsure 0.5%

8. My sexual orientation is:

a) Heterosexual (Straight) 80.1%

b) Homosexual (Gay) 1.6%

c) Bisexual 9.1%

d) Asexual 1.9%

e) Unsure/Questioning 9.7%

9. Have you ever been diagnosed with a form of disability?

a) No 92.7%

b) Emotional disability 3.9%

c) Learning disability (ADHD, Dyslexia) 3.0%

d) Cognitive disability (Autism, Down Syndrome) 0.3%

10. My immigrant status is:

a) I am an immigrant 11.3%

b) My parents are immigrants 63.7%

c) My grandparents are immigrants 9.1%

d) Other 10.2%

e) I don’t know 5.6%

Part B: Academic Information

11. I frequently participate in my classes.

a) Strongly Agree 31.2%

b) Agree 36.3%

c) Neutral 18.0%

d) Disagree 8.9%

e) Strongly Disagree 5.6%

12. I consider myself to be aware of current events.

a) Strongly Agree 15.3%

b) Agree 48.1%

c) Neutral 26.1%

d) Disagree 8.3%

e) Strongly Disagree 2.2%

13. I have a strong work ethic.

a) Strongly Agree 16.7%

b) Agree 40.9%

c) Neutral 27.4%

d) Disagree 12.1%

e) Strongly Disagree 3.0%

14. Approximately how much sleep did you get on any given school night in middle school?

a) Less than 6 hours 6.5%

b) 6-7 hours 20.2%

c) 7-8 hours 33.9%

d) 8-9 hours 32.3%

e) More than 9 hours 7.3%

15. My favorite subject is:

a) Math 40.9%

b) Science 19.6%

c) English 15.3%

d) History 10.8%

e) Other 13.4%

16. I spent ___ hours on homework and studying on an average night in middle school.

a) Less than 0.5 hours 33.3%

b) 0.5-1 hour 31.5%

c) 1-2 hours 24.2%

d) 2-3 hours 8.3%

e) More than 3 hours 2.7%

17) After I graduate from Stuyvesant, I might attend an Ivy League University or another elite university.

a) Strongly Agree 22.8%

b) Agree 33.9%

c) Neutral 36.6%

d) Disagree 3.5%

e) Strongly Disagree 3.2%

18. By the end of my Stuyvesant career, I predict that I will be among:

a) the top 10% of my class 13.4%

b) the top 25% of my class 47.3%

c) the top 50% of my class 29.8%

d) the bottom 50% of my class 9.4%

Part C: Applying to Stuyvesant

19. When did you start studying for the SHSAT?

a) Less than one month before the exam 4%

b) One month to four months before the exam 27.4%

c) Four months to six months before the exam 19.6%

d) Six months to one year before the exam 35.5%

e) More than one year before the exam 19.9%

f) I did not study for the SHSAT 3.5%

20. Which best describes the method of studying you used for the SHSAT?

a) Self-study/preparatory books 13.7%

b) Preparatory class (not SHSI) 65.2%

c) SHSI preparatory school 5.5%

d)One-on-one tutoring 9.1%

e) Other 3.0%

f) I did not study for the SHSAT 3.5%

21. To what extent did a parent/guardian pressure you to come to Stuyvesant?

a) Not at all; it was my choice. 23.1%

b) A little, but it was mostly my decision. 50.5%

c) A lot, but in the end, I accepted what they wanted. 22.0%

d) It was entirely their decision. 4.3%

22. I think there will be a positive correlation between my SHSAT score and my academic success at Stuyvesant.

a) Strongly Agree 4.8%

b) Agree 22.3%

c) Neutral 41.4%

d) Disagree 4.8%

e) Strongly Disagree 9.4%

23. Approximately how much sleep do you expect to get on any given school night at Stuyvesant?

a) Less than 5 hours 10.2%

b) 5-6 hours 23.7%

c) 6-7 hours 30.9%

d) 7-8 hours 26.9%

e) More than 8 hours 8.3%

Part D: Identity and Lifestyle

24. I am opposed to the use of recreational drugs, like marijuana, by high school students.

a) Strongly Agree 53.8%

b) Agree 24.7%

c) Neutral 14.5%

d) Disagree 4.6%

e) Strongly Disagree 2.4%

25. I am opposed to the use of study drugs (prescription stimulants) by high school students.

a) Strongly Agree 42.4%

b) Agree 23.1%

c) Neutral 25.5%

d) Disagree 7.5%

e) Strongly Disagree 2.4%
26. I am opposed to the use of hard drugs (cocaine, opiates) by high school students.

a) Strongly Agree 80.4%

b) Agree 14.8%

c) Neutral 2.4%

d) Disagree 0.8%

e) Strongly Disagree 1.6%

27. How much caffeine do you intake daily? (95 mg = 1 cup)

a) 0 mg 71.8%

b) 1-100 mg 21.2%

c) 101-200 mg 4.8%

d) 201-300 mg 1.9%

e) 301+ mg 0.3%

28. I am opposed to sexual activity by high school students.

a) Strongly Agree 23.4%

b) Agree 19.6%

c) Neutral 40.1%

d) Disagree 12.1%

e) Strongly Disagree 4.8%

29. My mental health is something I think about regularly.

a) Strongly Agree 15.6%

b) Agree 37.1%

c) Neutral 30.6%

d) Disagree 11.3%

e) Strongly Disagree 5.4%

30. How many hours a week do you spend watching TV (including Netflix)?

a) 0-1 hours 18.3%

b) 1-2 hours 27.9%

c) 2-3 hours 29.8%

d) 3-6 hours 10.8%

e) 6+ hours 3.2%

31. How many hours a day do you spend on Facebook?

a) I don’t have any social media accounts, including Facebook. 4.0%

b) I don’t have Facebook, but I use other kinds of social media. 15.3%

c) 0-1 hours 76.3%

d) 1-3 hours 4.0%

e) 3+ hours 0.3%

32. Choose the extracurricular you will most likely dedicate yourself to in the next four years.

a) Academic Clubs/STEM 63.1%

b) Sports 44.9%

c) Student Government 15.3%

d) Publications 16.8%

e) Speech and Debate 36.1%

f) Community Service 41.5%

g) Arts 34.1%

33. When I am older, I hope to go into ____.

a) STEM-related fields 60.3%

b) Humanities (history, language studies, law) 9.3%

c) Finance/Business/Management 16.9%

d) Arts 3.1%

e) Other 10.4%

Part E: Academic Honesty

34. I would sacrifice a good grade to preserve my academic honesty (i.e. even if I could cheat, I would not because I feel it is immoral).

a) Strongly Agree 4.0%

b) Agree 7.0%

c) Neutral 19.4%

d) Disagree 41.4%

e) Strongly Disagree 28.2%

35. In middle school, I partook in some form of academic dishonesty (cheating, plagiarism, copying, etc.).

a) Frequently 1.9%

b) Sometimes 13.4%

c) Rarely 45.7%

d) Never 39.0%

36. I think that academic dishonesty (in any form) can be justified.

a) Strongly Agree 4.3%

b) Agree 15.6%

c) Neutral 26.3%

d) Disagree 32.8%

e) Strongly Disagree 21.0%

Part F: COVID-19

37. Did COVID-19 affect where you decided to attend high school?

a) Yes 4.8%

b) No 95.2%