A Shoulder (Or Squad) To Lean On

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Issue 10, Volume 113

By The Features Department 

“Robotics provided a safe space for me to ease into high school. I struggled with going outside of my comfort zone and talking with others initially, but joining the club provided a great avenue to make new friends. After all, we were all interested in the same subjects and had many things in common. Mr. Blay also allows us to pop into the new robotics lab during specific periods and sometimes ask him questions about classes.” —Cindy Zhong, sophomore

“My guidance counselor has always supported my efforts and has offered great advice in my times of need.” —Yarza Aung, junior

“Being a manager for the girls’ varsity volleyball team, I was able to improve my own skills at the sport and become involved in a family who loved volleyball just as much as I do.” —Winifred Thompson, sophomore

“Stuyvesant Fungi Club, because we get to grow our own edible mushrooms!” —Zara Bhuyian, junior

"My friends are the greatest resource, [...] then track for my physical health.” —Brandon Waworuntu, sophomore

“I definitely believe being a part of the girls’ varsity softball team gave me the most important type of support, and that’s friendship. Being a part of a sports team means a lot of time spent outside of the classroom and more time spent with people across all grades, meaning you make a lot of connections. Being able to make friendships, going out and trying new foods, visiting new places, and spilling all the tea with your teammates is something I [have valued] so much [during] my time at Stuy. It has served me so well in the sense that I too have a community to lean on when I need it the most.” —Hepzibah Srithas, senior

“I really like FRAP tutoring. The FRAP biology tutoring reinforces my knowledge of what we learn in class in an efficient way. Since AP Biology is memorization-heavy, it helps to cover all the material in one session before the test.” —Ashie Sinha, freshman

“[Jewish Student Union], because the guy who leads it is supportive and caring, and the activities make [it] a fun community.” —Olivia Cisse, freshman

“After-school AIS and office hours have definitely helped me improve in the academics I struggled with.” —Viviana Lupercio, freshman

“Clubs in general help us make new friends who share the same interests. They provide a sense of community that is very much needed in making high school much more bearable. It’s always a plus when you get to discuss and share ideas about something you’re passionate in.” —Sophie Huang, freshman

“StuyFlow has given me the most support because the community is welcoming and I get to spin lights, which I find passion in.” —Anna Ying, senior

“I'm really grateful that teachers offer help outside of class because I can just ask them for help whenever I’m struggling with something, and that makes things a lot less stressful.” —Arpita Saha, junior

“The wrestling team has provided me with a community of students that care for each other and work together with the utmost respect and persistence. By joining the team, I have grown closer to my teammates and have formed a lot of meaningful friendships.” —Trystan Woutersz, junior

“Our school’s robotics team, StuyPulse, has offered me the most support throughout my time at Stuy by serving as an outlet for me to expand my knowledge and experience in the subjects that I enjoy most. Additionally, StuyPulse has allowed me to meet some of my closest friends at Stuy.” —Aiden Tan, junior

“I’d definitely say Bollywood. Whether it be for Stuysquad or SING!, it allowed me to form friendships outside of my bubble and strengthen friendships I already have! These crews are a lot of commitment, so it forces me to bond with my peers and form that connection.” —Srinity Rijal, junior

“The girls’ table tennis team has given me the most support at Stuy thus far. I resonate with the people there very well and made a lot of friends, ones I go to for moral support. Overall, it’s a very chill and supportive atmosphere for winding down.” —Jenny Chen, junior

“I’d say SciOly because I’m a nerd.” —Jordan Leung, junior

“Participating in the [Stuyvesant Theater Community] and SING! tech crew has been a great experience because I get to do what I enjoy while meeting new people and learning from others in a close-knit community. It’s also a lot of fun seeing entire sets being created from start to finish.” —Vanessa Chen, sophomore

“As one of the very first clubs I joined, Stuyvesant Red Cross has given me the most support. I’ve had the chance to meet new people and develop strong friendships, which has helped me immensely in forming a sense of community at Stuy. I’ve had some really enjoyable and rewarding experiences with my friends, such as making greeting cards and visiting the health fair, and we’ve been able to help out the community in the process.” —Anushri Mahabir, senior

“[Stuy] Legacy provided a place for me to improve and reflect on myself.” —Fiona Li, sophomore

“I would say I got a lot from the music department. Last year they gave my group and another chamber group $1,000 in funds for whatever we need[ed], and we used them for coaching, which was really helpful.” —Josephine Yoo, sophomore

“I really found my place on the tennis team. I found my best friend there, before freshman year. She, along with the whole team, helped me grow and enjoy my experience at Stuy.” —Alika Peker, senior

“At Stuy, the swim team has given me the most support as it’s a very close-knit community. Being on a sports team can [be] really physically challenging, but the support of my teammates makes it much easier because I’m no longer training and swimming just for myself, but for the larger good of the team.” —Kaileen So, sophomore

“Track has motivated me to become a more consistent runner, which has helped me in other aspects of life and made me a more productive person.” —Raaita Anwar, sophomore