You See…There’s This Crazy Little Thing Called Love (In Me)

A brave person shooting their shot to their one and only in this war named love.

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By Chuer Zhong

Confession #2142022

I’ve been to the Stuy Confessions page countless times, trying to advertise my longstanding singleness (and each time, I’ve been thwarted by ‘Sophomore, Female’, who seems to dominate the page with their daily confessions), but the words of a group of freshmen gremlins, who watched me submit another post, have helped me realize the true identity of my soulmate.

“LMAO this guy posted the same thing before and got red flagged, yet he still thinks he got a shot. Looked in a mirror lately?”

Upon hearing those words from these Stuy freshies, I first doubted myself. But now, days later,

it’s time for me to shoot my shot (again) to my newfound soulmate. So you see, there’s this one really cute boy that’s in all my classes—he even has the same lunch and frees! Literally. Every. Single. Period.

Insane, right? I couldn’t believe it either. It’s like destiny for us to be one and the same. Some cosmic force has clearly taken note of our connection and accommodated us—or at least the Talos algorithm has.

Sometimes I feel his presence whenever I reach my locker (potential locker buddies as well? Didn’t think seniors could have those, but of course Stuy made a special exception) before period one, and he makes my legs go weak… or maybe that’s because I never actually do the warm-ups in Phys-Ed and I normally stop when the athletic kid stops.

Other times, I catch a whiff of his scent as I swipe my ID in the mornings. My mouth salivates just thinking about it.

In all my classes, I’m completely drawn to him. Teachers have noticed our connection, for they ALWAYS group us together. Whenever we work on projects, we become in sync. We procrastinate and grind in harmony. This may sound one-sided, but there HAS to be a mutual spark. All that time he spent on the project doc comforting me for procrastinating must’ve meant something.

You may be wondering why I’m violating our seemingly perfect relationship by posting it online. The truth is, whenever we do “talk,” I’m told that “I talk to myself.” Honestly, they’re just jealous of our bond.

The only time I really get to face him is when I see him looking right back at me from the bathroom mirror as I wash my hands. He makes me feel safe—like it’s just me and him against the whole world. Whenever I look up in front of the mirror, he’s always staring right back at me. That dreamy, familiar stare that always seems to draw me in. Though we have to ignore the guy changing into his gym uniform in the background, it’s still a beautiful moment with a beautiful person.

Truth be told, I think both of us are too scared to make the first move. I’m getting kind of nervous though since our love is truly forbidden. Still, despite their concern, our parents can’t keep us apart—he’s literally with me as I write this.

(Senior, Monkey)