Why Portugal Will Win the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Portugal shocked the world in their 2016 Euros victory and proved their worth by winning the 2019 UEFA Nations Cup. Now, the squad has talented and exciting young players led by a hungry Cristiano Ronaldo. Will the 2022 FIFA World Cup be in their reach?

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It was the 2016 UEFA European Championship final, and France and Portugal were about to clash. Portugal, a team many thought was fortunate to even reach the finals, was the clear underdog for the ensuing showdown. France, with an impressive roster including stars such as Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba, and N’Golo Kante, was the heavy favorite. France had cruised past the 2014 FIFA World Cup winner, Germany, and defeated Iceland in the games leading up to the final. The final was held in France, offering the French national team an even greater advantage. Once the game started, the French were dominating the play. Though the squad was playing well, “Les Bleus” just couldn’t get the finishing touch to score. Things went south for Portugal when its star player and captain, Cristiano Ronaldo, got injured. The game went on to extra time, and Portugese striker Eder scored his first-ever goal for Portugal in the 109th minute. For the rest of the game, the Portuguese defended as if their lives were at stake. Ronaldo, albeit injured, yelled out orders to his players, and they hung onto their lead to become champions of Europe. Portugal shocked the world and Ronaldo got his first-ever international trophy. Since then, Portugal has won another trophy: the 2019 UEFA Nations Cup. Already having two trophies to its name with a young and exciting roster, this generation of Portuguese players is destined for success.

Portugal has some of the most talented forwards in the world right now. Ronaldo has shown that even as he ages, he can compete with the best and stay on top of his game. He announced that the 2022 World Cup would be his last, giving him additional motivation to pour his heart and soul out for his country during his final years in the soccer world. Next, it has Diogo Jota, an exciting prospect who recently joined Liverpool. He has scored a multitude of key goals for the Reds, including a Champions League hat trick against Atalanta and a late game-winner against Sheffield United. Portugal also has a crucial player in Bernardo Silva, whose dribbling can break down almost any defense, and Francesco Trincão, whose skill has been enough to impress FC Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman and soccer fans around the world. However, João Félix may be Portugal’s most promising youngster. Atlético Madrid signed him for a world record fee of 126 million Euros. He has all the skills necessary for a great player. With five quality forwards at its disposal, Portugal will have no struggle breaking down any opposition they encounter.

Portugal has also produced many solid midfielders. One of the most notable is Bruno Fernandes, who has scored 13 goals for Manchester United and is one of Manchester’s best players. Renato Sanches has also performed well for Lille OSC, helping his team beat AC Milan by three goals. Rúben Neves, a key player for Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, has also shown that he is a very capable center defensive midfielder.

In addition, Portuguese back line is rock solid, with Mário Rui from Napoli, Rúben Dias and João Cancelo from Manchester City, and ex-Barcelona player Nélson Semedo. These players are all very well-rounded. They are good passers, so they can play accurate long balls or crosses to the forwards. These defenders are also excellent tacklers, and can take the ball away from skillful dribblers. Additionally, Rui Patrício and Anthony Lopes, Portugal’s goalkeepers, are both more than able to make game-winning saves.

The Portugal squad today is exponentially better than the one that faced France in the 2016 European Championship. They can no longer be considered underdogs, as they have many of the most exciting players in Europe.

The Portugal roster is already impressive, but what’s more remarkable is the fact that the players are all young. Most of Portugal’s star players, excluding Ronaldo, are under 26 years old. They will all be in their primes for the upcoming European Championship and World Cup. Portugal has plenty of time to develop as a team, and will undoubtedly have a strong performance in these tournaments. With a determined Ronaldo leading his team, Portugal has a very strong chance of winning the next World Cup.