Why Mitch Trubisky Is the Greatest Quarterback of All Time

See why Mitch Trubisky holds up as the greatest quarterback to ever play in the NFL

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The quarterback is one of the most revered positions in football. They are the ones calling the shots, and their abilities can decide the fates of their franchises. Throughout the history of the NFL, we’ve seen some of the most talented passers to ever live, including the likes of Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Johnny Unitas, and Michael Vick, among many others. However, none come close to the likes of this generation’s greatest quarterback, Mitch Trubisky. So without further ado, here’s why Trubisky is the greatest quarterback of all time and why his recent signing with the Bills will lead them to many Super Bowls (and maybe even world domination) in the future.

He won the NVP, which no other quarterback has ever won.

This point is the most obvious reason for why Trubisky is the greatest quarterback of all time. He’s the only player to ever win the prestigious Nickelodeon Valuable Player award, given to the best player to ever exist in football history. In the game that he won this award, he went up against the second seed New Orleans Saints. He could’ve won the game with ease. However, he felt bad for Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who was playing his last season in the NFL after a 20-year career and didn’t want to be the one to ruin his playoff run. Thus, he purposefully threw the game so that Brees could win. However, at the Nickelodeon booth, where they decide the winner of the NVP, it was an easy decision to give it to Trubisky.

Speaking of the NVP, he’s also been compared to Lincoln Loud of the Loud House.

Per Nickelodeon, football’s most reputable source for information and analytics, Trubisky has drawn comparisons to TV Show Loud House’s main protagonist, Lincoln Loud. Just like how Loud learns from his 10 sisters in the Loud House, Trubisky similarly leads his 10 offensive teammates on the field. His leadership skills and willingness to learn are unparalleled by any football player of this era. You don’t see just anyone being compared to the great Loud. These intangible qualities are what separate a good player from a great one, and his ability to rally the team to victory is truly unmatched.

He never threw a pick six.

Trubisky is the only quarterback to have started more than 50 NFL games and never thrown an interception that led to a touchdown. This fact shows how dedicated he is at his craft, making sure he never makes big mistakes that could cost him the game and give points to the other team. His willingness to make sure everything is perfect is what separates him from every other quarterback in the NFL.

He never lost a Super Bowl.

One defining aspect of his talent that separates him from the rest of the quarterbacks is that he’s never lost the big game. Quarterbacks who are assumed to be better than Trubisky, such as Brady or Manning, have all lost a Super Bowl sometime in their career. Amateurs.

He’s the best quarterback in his draft class.

It’s ridiculous to think that the Chicago Bears should have selected any other quarterback on the board besides Trubisky. Deshaun Watson has lost more games than Trubisky and has a worse win-loss record. As for Patrick Mahomes, he lost a Super Bowl, which Trubisky never did. It’s clear here that the generational quarterback of the 2017 draft class is none other than Trubisky.

He made NFL history.

I can’t justifiably write this article and leave out one of the best games that Trubisky ever had. In a 2019 game against the Dallas Cowboys, he made history when he became the first quarterback to complete 70 percent or more of his passes, rush for 50 or more yards, throw for three or more touchdowns, and rush for a touchdown all in the same game. And no, no quarterback has ever achieved this exact series of events before. Impressed yet?

All of his losses were flukes.

You may be wondering how, despite the fact that he’s so dominant, he looks very inconsistent on the field. It is quite apparent why this happens: he loses on purpose. That’s right. He actually loses games when he feels bad for the other team. It’s obvious if you think about it. He is so incredibly good at football that he wants to give the other teams a chance to win. This motivation can be seen with the game against the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2018-2019 playoffs. Knowing that he’s facing an Eagles team that barely made it to the playoffs with backup quarterback Nick Foles, he would’ve felt bad absolutely decimating this team. So, with a 9-3 lead in the first half, he purposely let the Eagles catch up. In the final, game-winning kick that would have won the game for the Bears, the phenomenon known as the “Double Doink” occured, during which kicker Cody Parkey kicked the ball and made it bounce off the upright before hitting the bar of the goalpost below. This feat seemed too ridiculous to be true, but it was undeniably the doing of Trubisky, who used the wind generated by the motion of his heavenly quarterback arm to create an angle by which the ball had no chance to go through the uprights, even if it hit the goalpost the first time.

The media and the football world like to portray Trubisky as an inconsistent quarterback who was a bust and will forever be overshadowed by the two quarterbacks selected after him, Watson and Mahomes. Even the Chicago Bears were fooled by Trubisky’s desire to lose intentionally, which prompted them to send him off as a free agent. The Buffalo Bills picked him up this offseason, unaware that he will eventually take Josh Allen’s starting quarterback job and lead the Bills to their long awaited Super Bowl victory. Or maybe he won’t, continuing his quest to satiate his desire to maintain the fun of football. But whatever the case, it is clear that he’s unmistakably the best quarterback to ever exist.