“We Regret to Inform You…”

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Issue 1, Volume 113

By The Features Department 

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The past cannot be changed. Here’s what Stuyvesant has to say about regrets.

“Having a good organization system—just being on top of my stuff with Google Calendar, my planner, and apps like Notion. It helps you stay on top of things in the long run and it makes you more prepared so you know what’s coming up. Just having a good organization system is helpful when you’re applying to jobs, internships, and for school work. So I’m very glad I took it upon myself to learn how to take advantage of these resources” —Arpita Saha (‘21)

“The thing I regret not doing earlier is probably just being confident. I feel like as a freshman and a sophomore, I was really afraid to talk to people and I was always comparing myself to others but now I definitely feel more sure of myself. Being genuinely sure in my own skin has definitely made me happier and led me to meet new people and opportunities that would have been impossible for me earlier.” —Nicole Liu, senior

“I regret not joining the Opinions department earlier. At first I joined Speech and Debate because I wasn’t confident in my writing capabilities, but then I realized that I was much stronger at writing than speaking in front of others. I regret not joining opinions earlier and took a risk. However, I joined in sophomore year after I was more confident in my abilities as a writer and it has been super fun ever since.” —Ivy Huang, junior.

“I don’t regret starting swimming again. Since taking the time out of my week to spend some time in the pool, I feel more refreshed and active overall as a person.” —Yarza Aung, junior

“I don’t regret becoming a huge Mets fan. I got really into it freshman year and I watch the game almost every night, which means I have to do homework earlier, but I don’t regret it. Let’s go Mets!” —Maya Brosnick, senior

“I wish I had started doing Scioly during freshman year rather than the first semester of sophomore year.” —Jordan Leung, junior

“I regret not starting anime earlier.” —anonymous, senior

"I wish I’d taken care not to overload on my courses. Having no frees was a bad idea."—anonymous, alum