We Got the Scoop on This Up-And-Coming Oberlin Recruit

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By The Sports Department

Alex Thompson

Height: 6’3”

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Brown

Birthday: 5/9/2002

1. When did you start playing lacrosse?

I started playing lacrosse in sixth grade with my friends in my neighborhood. We played for a club team called Brooklyn Lacrosse, which a lot of Stuy kids eventually joined.

2. How was your experience playing lacrosse at Stuyvesant?

The lacrosse team is actually really important to me. When I came to Stuyvesant, it made me feel accepted and like I had a community. All my friends were on the team, so this year was going to be really exciting. I loved every second of playing on the team and I was always looking forward to the season.

3. Are there any skills you want to improve on?

I’m trying to get a stronger left hand and be faster. Your off hand can be extremely vital in lacrosse, [as] the majority of people have a dominant right hand. It doubles the threat you pose on the field. I’m going to Oberlin and I’ll be playing D3 there, so it’ll be crucial for my game as well.

4. What position do you play and what does it comprise of?

I play defense. That means we stay on our half of the field for the whole game, and if players come over, we push them out. It’s mostly about keeping your stick in the passing lane. Because lacrosse is a full-body contact sport, body checks are important—as is preventing the opponents from scoring goals.

5. How do you deal with schoolwork and lacrosse? Any tips?

I feel like lacrosse season actually helps me stay motivated to get good grades. If your average drops a certain amount, you’re not allowed to play anymore. Whenever I have lacrosse practice that day, I would go straight home and do my homework. Before practice, I try to get my homework done so that when I get home, I would be free.

6. Do you want to continue playing past high school? Any plans?

I have been talking to the coach at Oberlin and I’m really excited to play there. I was recruited to play on their lacrosse team and will be joining it next season. It’s a huge step up from any level I have played at before, so even though I probably will not be getting playtime in my freshman year, I hopefully will in coming years. I wasn’t really thinking about the process until this year when the opportunity arose and I thought I actually would love to do that. I really think it’ll help me in college as well.

7. What is your proudest memory and funniest memory?

I have always been proud of the team, but one moment that stands out was in my sophomore year when we made it to the semifinals. It was the first time we had gotten that far—at least in a long time. We were all very excited and I was very proud to be on that team. I remember our first playoff game; it was on the same day as some concert I had at Carnegie Hall for a band. I literally drove to the game in a tuxedo running from Carnegie Hall, changed in the car, and then played and took the train back. We won that game 11-1 and it was just a really great time.

Drink of Choice: San Pellegrino (the red ones)

Favorite food: Bacon, egg, and cheese

Motto to live by: If you don’t see a way, make one.

Fun fact: The premier lacrosse league, which was just created this year, will be airing during Olympic time slots over the summer, so if anyone is interested in the sport, they should check it out.