Uptown Dunk

Meet Ichiro, Stuyvesant Storm star!

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Name: Ichiro Goodrow

Grade: 12

Height: 6’0”

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: October 16, 2006

1. When and how did you start playing basketball?

In sixth grade, I took a basketball class, and that’s when I started playing at parks and stuff. I didn’t start taking it seriously until eighth grade because my middle school formed a basketball team that year.

2. What are the best and worst parts of basketball?

For me, the best part of basketball is the people you meet. Pretty much my whole friend group inside and outside of Stuyvesant is people [whom] I met through basketball. The worst part about basketball is having days when you can’t make any shots, or the injuries that come with competing in the sport.

3. Do you have a most memorable/proud moment with the ​​team?

There are a lot, but probably winning our home playoff game against [NEST+m] last year.

4. What position do you play and what skills are required for it?

I play the shooting guard, which requires me to be able to score the ball, and also be able to bring the ball up the court and set up the offense when needed. On the defensive side, I need to be well-conditioned, because guards are usually running around a lot

5. Do you have any plans to continue the sport in the future or in college? 

Yes, at least at the intramural or club level. I think I’ll stay close to the sport in general as well, playing with friends and things like that.

6. Do you have any pregame superstitions or rituals?

I try to put all my clothes in my backpack, not keep them in other bags or anything. I also take a cold shower in the morning.

7. What is it like being a leader of the team? How has it changed your perspective on the sport?

It has given me a bigger sense of responsibility toward the team because now, I’m the one setting the example for the younger guys who will be the leaders next year. I think it changed my perspective on the sport by showing me an aspect of the game that doesn’t have to do with skill or physical ability, but rather the ability to lead and inspire your teammates to be leaders as well.

8. What are your personal and team goals for this season?

My personal and team goal for the season is to make the playoffs and win a home playoff game.


Funniest Teammate: David Glick or Winson Zheng

Favorite Professional Basketball Player: Tyrese Maxey

Playing on Full or Light Stomach: Light 

Favorite Sports Drink: Gatorade 

Favorite Post-Match Snack: Popsicle from Ferries with David

Favorite Hobby: Basketball

If You Could Play One Other Sport: Football

Motto to Live By: Always $trive And Prosper

Fun Fact: I don’t really like sushi.

Shoe Brand: Nike or Jordan