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Unveiling the Summer Trends of 2023

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Issue 1, Volume 114

By Raaita Anwar 

Flamingo pink pumps, chic neutral outfits, and nostalgic mermaid-inspired looks were all part of this summer’s fashion scene. Summer 2023 was an intriguing combination of bold and minimalist styles that celebrated both audacious self-expression and effortless elegance. From the bright pink Barbie-mania craze to the classic beauty of Sofia Richie-inspired outfits, here are the top trends we saw this summer. 

Quiet Luxury 

This spring, Sofia Richie rose to prominence after her lavish wedding and classy wardrobe went viral, contributing to the growing popularization of the “old money” or “quiet luxury” style. The quiet luxury aesthetic is rooted in timeless pieces that exude elegance without flashy logos or embellishments. This summer, numerous influencers and celebrities wore neutral color palettes and fabrics such as silk, linen, and brocade. The quiet luxury aesthetic also includes many modest silhouettes achieved by A-line skirts, straight-leg pants, and maxi dresses. Though many claimed that Richie had “invented” the style, others quickly pointed out that Muslim women have been pinnacles of modest fashion for centuries, frustrated that it was only being praised when worn by a celebrity. Despite these controversies, the quiet luxury aesthetic is here to stay as people lean toward refined pieces that can be worn throughout the year. 


The Little Mermaid (2023) led to the revival of trends embodying the mermaid spirit in a frenzy of beachy, sea-shell-adorned outfits. Celebrities like Dua Lipa were seen wearing aquas, blues, and purples, as well as sequins and fun shell-shaped accessories this summer. Social media promoted the mermaid-core style through glittery eye makeup, beachy waves, and ocean-themed jewelry. Dua Lipa’s collaboration with Versace on the collection La Vacanza included many beach-inspired looks that were also an ode to everyone’s favorite mermaid. Because mermaid-core is an amalgamation of summertime elements, it will likely be buried at sea with the first autumnal chill.


Nothing says summer like the laid-back tropical vibes that crochet pieces exude. Crochet pieces are an airy, practical summer essential, whether in the form of a swim coverup or maxi dress. Brands including Brunello Cucinelli, Blumarine, and Zimmerman released crochet dresses and co-ord sets this summer that embodied the relaxed beach summer aesthetic.  Prada made crochet bags that match the casual summer aesthetic many strive to achieve. Not only are crochet pieces a unique statement, but they are also more breathable than other fabrics like linen and cotton. While crochet may not be suitable for the colder months, it is a trend that can be expected to return in the coming summers because of its practicality and charm. 

Colorful Sneakers 

This summer saw a vibrant resurgence in the world of footwear as colorful sneakers took center stage as the shoe of choice. The Adidas Sambas and Gazelles, along with a flurry of other slim-profile sneakers, became popular due to their casual and versatile design. The shoes, available in shades like emerald green, bubblegum pink, mustard yellow, and cobalt blue, offered a flashy yet chic groundedness to any outfit. The Sambas and Gazelles are comfortable and simple shoes that are a part of the popular urban aesthetic. This look will likely remain popular as we enter fall as the perfect way to (pumpkin) spice up any outfit. 


The much anticipated Barbie (2023) movie led to an explosion of pink across the fashion world, with companies ranging from Crocs to Chanel collaborating with the Mattel icon. Drawing on the movie’s vibrant energy, the Barbie collaborations embraced vibrant pink hues and plastic-y materials, paying homage to the fan-favorite doll. Barbie star Margot Robbie donned five Barbie-inspired looks from Chanel that embraced classic elegance and contemporary trends, such as the iconic Chanel tweed suit and the double C chain necklace. Companies like Melissa Shoes released neon pink plastic heels while GAP stamped the Barbie trademark on all their pieces. Despite the Barbie craze’s imminent end in the fall, the message Barbie sent about embracing one’s femininity is seared in the collective consciousness as all memorable things are: through the excessive consumerism and over-production of a ballooning late-stage capitalist economy.

Baggy Jorts

Skinny jeans have been decidedly out for a couple of years now, while baggy jeans take to the spotlight. The summertime heat has seen this baggy trend adapted in the form of jorts. Jorts, also known as Bermuda shorts, were all the rage this summer because of their loose fit and laid-back look. Celebrities like Bella Hadid, Amelia Grey Hamlin, and Hailey Bieber were all seen rocking jorts. Givenchy launched cargo jorts on the catwalk, while the Gucci Cruise collection released sequin-embellished jorts. While there are various lengths available, the most popular are those that hit the knees or extend just past them for the ultimate easygoing look. The baggy denim trend seems to be here to stay, and jorts will definitely be a summer staple in the coming years.

From the captivating allure of mermaid-core to the enduring elegance of quiet luxury, this season offered a diverse array of trends that created a platform for people to experiment and dive into new styles while paying an ode to previous ones.