Untouchables Fall to Beacon After 13-Year Winning Streak

Though the boys’ fencing team may have lost, their season is anything but over.

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By Tiffany Yu

The Stuyvesant boys’ fencing team has been the most successful team in Stuyvesant for over a decade, going undefeated since 2006. Unfortunately, their incredible streak has come to an end in their 13th season, with the Untouchables falling to the Beacon High School Blue Devils 90-77 last Wednesday. However, the team will still qualify for the playoffs and have the opportunity to compete for the city championship. If the team can pull off a win in their last game of the season against NEST+M, who they defeated 90-31 earlier in this season, they will have a shot at another division title, giving them momentum going into the playoffs.

New to the division this year, Beacon had been successful in their previous division, though they were often overshadowed by one of the best teams in the city, Hunter College High School. While at the beginning of the season, Stuyvesant was able to get the better of them in one of the closest games they had played in several years, Beacon stole their thunder the second time around. It was almost fitting that after all these years of Stuyvesant domination, a newcomer stole some of their glory.

A silver lining of Wednesday’s game was senior and captain Taaseen Ali’s performance against Beacon. He faced the best of Beacon’s three nationally ranked fencers and beat him handily by a score of 9-5. Ali’s strong leadership on the team has been key to their success and will likely prove to be important in the playoffs.

We’ll leave you with this: The Golden State Warriors, one of the most talented and overpowering professional sports teams, have a winning percentage of 81 percent over the past five years. That’s amazing. The Untouchables have had a winning percentage of 98 percent over the past five years. That is no small feat, and one would be hard pressed to think of any team with a more impressive record. Don’t let this loss fool you. The ‘Untouchables’ are resilient, and they plan on maintaining the same standard of excellence despite their one loss.

Though their winning streak is over, their season is just getting started. Playoffs will start soon, and just like every year, the Untouchables will look to claim a city championship. There may even be a chance for them to redeem themselves against Beacon, as the two teams are both among the best in the city, and a meeting between them in the playoffs wouldn’t be surprising. The team will be playing NEST+M this week, and though their historic winning streak may be over, they now have the opportunity to start a new one as they head into the playoffs.