To the Department that Deserves it all: Lunch

The Lunch Department deserves some love too!

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By Natalie Soler

Shall I compare you to a summer’s break?

No, for it changes so and leaves an ache…

You’re more pleasing than the yearly summer.

Unlike you, summer ends in a bummer.

How you always succeed to lift my mood!

I’ll vow on this consistency: your food.

Sitting through classes I don’t understand,

And scores of failing grades that went unplanned.

The crushing work… How to make sense of it?

And the lack of sleep makes me want to quit…

Your homeworks are my favorite: nothing.

And the truth is: nothing is everything.

You’re the only class I can pass with ease,

And for others: a restful, joyous breeze.

You give a rest to my Stuy endeavors.

You have and will, forever and ever.