The Wacky World of Texting in the Modern Age

New forms of the tone indicator (and others) begin to get crazy.

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The Tone Indicator: A versatile instrument used by many texters alike. They come in many forms, many of which are useful for unsubtly telling people what you mean in a text. However, some of the new additions to this toolset have proved to be somewhat… strange.

Let’s start off with some relatively normal tone indicators.

/j: Joking

/hj: Half Joking

/qj: Quarter Joking

/cbj: Could be a Joke?

/nc: No Clue.

For those who are more romantically inclined (or perhaps, the opposite), there are a number of applicable tone indicators.

/r: Romantic

/x: Sexual Intent

/p: Platonic

/nx: Non-Sexual Intent

/dtnx: Definitely, Totally, Non-Sexual Intent

/u: Unless...

And finally,

/ilybinshtsisiodmfijutti: I Like You But I’m Not Sure How To Say It So Instead Of

Describing My Feelings I’ll Just Use This Tone Indicator

These are sure to clear up the most complex of relationship troubles.

For those goofers among us who’d like to describe the context and tone of their jokes, here are some comedically descriptive tone indicators.

/pos: Positive Connotation

/neg: Negative Connotation

/amb: Ambiguous Connotation

/yf: You Figure It Out

/srs: Seriously

/th: Threat

/thsrs: Seriously, This Is A Threat

And of course,

/bv: Beach Vibes.

Skeptics of the tone indicator may point out that many seem useless, scoffing at those who refuse to write a more descriptive text. For those critics, we would like to show the most useful and versatile tone indicators.

/g: Greeting

/g: Goodbye

/g: Guilty

/g: Greedy

/g: Grim

/g: Good

/g: Great

/g: Tell Michael To Burn The Bodies

Incidentally, the tone indicator used in this group must be determined based on the content of the text.

Unfortunately, many additions to the tone indicator repertoire have been met with some displeasure, as their meanings can be easily misunderstood. To clear this up, here is a list of some misunderstood tone indicators.

/wtf: Worrying Tearfully, Friend

/bs: Being Silly

/fu: Forming Union

/stfu: Sorry That (I) Formed (A) Union

/gtfo: Getting Timid For Oscar

/idgaf: I Don’t neGotiate with tArrorists, Fool

There is one more tone indicator, one conceptualized by those who dare to reach the limits of human communication.

/jkm: Just Call Me