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Television is a medium with many moving parts. Actors, directors, film crews, costume designers, makeup artists, screenwriters, and more all work in harmony to produce the shows that we all know and love. So it is crucial for intro sequences to do their shows justice, condensing each show’s best moments and aspects into an attention-grabbing and memorable snippet. The foremost tool to craft such a capstone is the soundtrack, and this playlist is a love letter to the ditties that get stuck in our heads after binging our favorite shows.

Daria (Official MTV Theme)


Alternative rock

Death With Dignity

Sufjan Stevens

Indie folk

Wake Up

Arcade Fire

Indie rock

Blue Flowers

Doctor Octagon

Abstract hip-hop

If I Had a Heart

Fever Ray


White Rabbit

Jefferson Airplane

Psychedelic rock



Garage rock

My Special Angel

Bobby Helms



Yoko Kanno


Pokémon Theme

John Siegler

Hard rock


Luciano Michelini

Film score