Swinging for Success: The Birdies Take Flight on the Golf Course

The Birdies are undefeated and look to defend their title as reigning PSAL Champions.

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Stuyvesant’s girls varsity golf team, the Birdies, is on fire and nothing can stop it. Coming off of a PSAL Championship title last season, the team is in high spirits with hopes of securing their second trophy in a row. The Birdies are locked in for the current season. 

Over the summer, they held practices and recruited promising freshmen and players from other schools. With this, the starters can get more rest time as there are more players on the field. These players formed strong bonds and developed a connection in the playing field, helping to boost the team’s chemistry. 

Junior and co-captain Jade Chu has been knocking it out of the park with an extremely successful season. She is undefeated, keeping the team strong, and leading the nine-hole total in her division with 39. Chu is eager for this season, practicing as much as she can to do well in her matches. Through her exceptional performance, she maintains a competitive and collected mindset. “This season we’re also currently undefeated, and we still have the same fighting spirit,” Chu said.

Concerning the team, the Birdies are very balanced and have a great dynamic. No one from the team graduated last year, so they did not lose any talent. The team members come from different boroughs but still practice at their respective ranges, working hard to improve their craft. “We go to practice ranges on our own a lot, and over the summer the coach watches us practice, helping correct our form,” sophomore Milena Wu said.

Though golf is an individual sport, teamwork and camaraderie are crucial to success. The team is very supportive, cheering each other on at every hole. Having a teammate there during ups and downs can be the difference between winning and losing—it is essential to stay calm at each hole during stressful games. The Birdies make great efforts to support each other. “Between all the high fives and inside jokes, we always remind each other to embrace the competition and leave every hole with your head held high,” Chu said.

Their start has been strong, and the Birdies will keep doing what they do best: win. The team is currently 5-0, with each game getting better than the previous. After a championship win last year, they expect to run it back again with all of their hard work and effort. Coach Emilio Nieves disciplines and helps the team steer a clear path to the trophy. “We only have one goal, which is to repeat as PSAL Girls Golf Champions,” Nieves said.