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Summer Wardrobe Spectacular

A guide on what to wear this summer and how to shop more sustainably.

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By Justine Kang

Many of us are likely tired of our Zoom meeting attire. We may browse online catalogs or scroll through e-mails from our favorite stores, longing for a fashionable summer wardrobe. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered from head to toe. Read on to find out what to wear these coming months and how to dress sustainably.


Starting from the bottom, you will need to wear shoes this summer (that’s a given). Chunky sandals or Birkenstocks are great to let your feet breathe on a hot summer day and lend themselves to a very ‘90s-inspired look. Wearing high socks with sneakers or even sandals can add some detail and complexity to your outfit.


The most basic summer look has always been nothing more than a pair of denim shorts, but there are so many other options! A great way to jazz up your average denim shorts is by embroidering or bedazzling the back pockets, giving them a more personalized and unique feel. Other mediums like fabric markers can be used to add small designs or even fully redecorate your shorts.

Another alternative to a typical pair of shorts is a skirt. An easy substitute for denim shorts is a denim skirt as you can style them the same way. Mini-skirts, in particular, are a good choice for the summer. Any color, any material, and any shape, they’re great for everyday wear. Tennis skirts are a great option for their versatility; they can be worn for exercising as well as just hanging out. Long or knee-length flowy, hippie-style skirts are especially great for a warm summer day. When paired with chunky sandals, they will give you a real retro look. Wearing a patterned skirt with a plain or even graphic shirt is a perfect outfit that’s easy to throw on.

For cooler summer days or chilly nights, putting on a pair of white wide-legged jeans adds a summery touch to your typical outfit. Wide-legged cotton pants, both patterned and plain, work for a more casual look or as a substitute for your average jeans.


There’s a variety of pieces you can spice up your summer wardrobe with, in place of your basic tank top. Each year, different styles make a comeback into mainstream fashion, and with the recent popularity of vintage pieces, ‘60s-style halter tops have made it to the forefront of summer fashion. Halter tops come in a variety of styles and patterns, so you can definitely find the right fit. Another popular option is 2000s-inspired baby tees—tight, cropped T-shirts featuring graphic designs. Baby tees with funny sayings or cute designs are easy to slip on with any bottoms, making for an easy, casual look.

If you’re looking for a quick outfit, dresses are ideal as they save you from worrying about both bottoms and a shirt. Short, ‘90s-style dresses are great pieces to add into your rotation this summer. They can be worn casually with sneakers or dressed up with a nice pair of sandals or heels.

As proven by the tie-dye trend that dominated last summer, do-it-yourself (DIY) pieces are becoming increasingly popular. This summer, the trend is knit and crocheted tops, dresses, sweaters, or even bottoms. You can go shopping for them or make them yourself!


The simplest way to make your summer outfit more interesting is with jewelry. Beaded necklaces of different lengths turn a plain tank top into an exciting ensemble or serve as an easy addition to a completed look. Rings are another piece that will always add some detail and flair to an outfit. Plus, there are a lot of beginner-friendly DIY tutorials for making rings that can be found on YouTube or Pinterest.

Earrings also easily add some intricacy to an otherwise basic outfit; unlike most other accessories, earrings can be used to complement both your outfit and hair-do, or even makeup look. This year, dangling earrings are especially popular. Similar to a lot of summer fashion, there’s a great range of pieces you can don. From smaller silver or gold pieces to larger, more detailed designs, throwing on some dangling earrings will surely enhance your look.

A final tip for having a great summer wardrobe is shopping sustainably. Looking through thrift stores or small businesses on Etsy will help you find one-of-a-kind pieces at low prices. Besides how unique these clothes are, you can also develop more eco-friendly shopping habits. Given that about 21 billion pounds of textiles end up in landfills each year, we all can—and should—be more socially-conscious shoppers. As opposed to buying clothes from fast fashion outlets, looking to small businesses will not only bolster our local economy but also contribute to more sustainable production practices. Plus, thrifting or shopping at vintage stores can help you get a more authentic vintage look while lessening the massive amount of waste clothes create. Now go on that long-awaited shopping spree, and have an incredible summer full of fashionable, creative outfits!