Summer Lovin’: Stuy Students’ Plans for the Upcoming Months

Summer Lovin’: Stuy Students’ Plans for the Upcoming Months

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“I am going to spend one month as a summer camp counselor at a sleepaway camp in the Poconos, and then two weeks traveling and visiting family in Germany and Switzerland, and then coming back and trying to find a better-paying job in the month before I leave for college. Also, probably just hanging out with friends and stuff and getting my driver’s license.” —Hannah Riegel, senior

“I’m going to self-study AP Calc[ulus] BC and learn how to crochet.” —Cindy Ye, sophomore 

“I’m going to do Metis Tutoring and also play tennis.” —Oscar Zheng, sophomore

“I’m doing College Now, which allows you to take classes and college credit through the CUNY system. I’m doing an architecture [course] at City College, but I also got invited to join a math program there because I qualified. I’m doing this SAT program which is to help me prep for the PSAT. And I’m also going to Honduras to visit my family and reconnect with my culture. I’m going to pick up violin as an addition to my flute since I want to learn a new instrument and I’m going to take some private flute classes with my teacher.” —Natalie Cuevas, sophomore 

“I’m going to be participating in CIEE and going to Spain to learn Spanish. I really want to achieve fluency in the language.” —Cindy Zhong, sophomore

“I’m going to Berkeley to study Zika and dengue in order to further learn about the field of epidemiology and global health.” —Myha Hill, junior 

“I’m going to work as a coach at my gymnastics gym.” —Margaux Scandura, junior 

“My plan for this summer is to visit a bunch of halal restaurants with my best friend, go on picnics and movie dates with my friends, and help around the house more.” —Jennifer Alam, junior

“I’m doing two summer programs. One of them is an in-person lab internship at MSK for a chemical biology program on weekdays, and then every Saturday, I’m doing a virtual IYRC summer research program at Columbia. Also gonna try to write some college essay drafts.”  —Kelsey Pan, junior

“I’m gonna be doing a research internship at Mount Sinai, volunteering at a nearby doctors clinic, and traveling to Niagara Falls with my family.” —Arpita Saha, junior

“I have a lab for computer psychiatry at Mount Sinai. I’m also going to picnics with my family, to a water park with my cousins, and probably to Washington, D.C., for a week.” —Fatiha Mia, junior

“I’m going to be doing a lot of internships and a college class—basically whatever last minute stuff I can do for college. I’m also going on vacation and will be taking my SAT in New Jersey.” —Srinity Rijal, junior

“I am going to visit temples in South India like Shrungeri, Mookambika, Kanya Kumari, and Mookambika. Karnataka has a lot of astounding temples. Of course, I am going to have a blast being pampered by my grandparents and annoying my cousins. All of that aside, I look forward to virtually tutoring younger students.” —Trisha Kumar, freshman

“Summer vacation is a time for relaxation. While I can’t wait to spend a summer in Europe with family and friends, I am also very excited for Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) out July 7!” —Sophie Huang, freshman 

“I’m looking forward to finally being able to spend more time with my friends and family over the summer. I can’t wait to sleep peacefully without thinking about tests!” —Arianne Hinds, freshman 

“I’m going to do a Columbia electrical engineering program with Dr. [Gil] Zussman.” —David Chen, sophomore 

“I have a Regeneron internship. I will be in Memorial Sloan Kettering in Midtown for five days a week for six or seven weeks. I will be working in a lab with nanoparticles and brain cancer.” —Mark Ionis, sophomore 

“Foremost shall I visit my family in Bangladesh for the duration of but two weeks, and upon my return from thence shall I sleep, and exercise, and make merry (with a noted lack of mind-altering substances, I assure you). Come the close of summer I shall attend a conference of mathematics and for three weeks serve as summer camp counselor, followed quite immediately by my return to this fine establishment.” —Zameen Cater, junior

“I just want to have a picnic. And not like the phrase, ‘have a picnic.’ Like a literal picnic.” —Dale Heller, sophomore 

“I got this job as a canvasser—basically, I just try to convince people to vote—and I am also going to participate in this summer program that will focus on technology.” —Vanessa Chen, sophomore

“My plans for this summer aren’t all that exciting in terms of vacations or traveling, but I am going to be working on my extracurriculars and tutoring for students. But I am excited to spend my summer having fun with my friends and family.” —Fin Ying, sophomore

“This summer I will be going to museums and pretending I know a lot about art. I may learn guitar. I will also start Duolingo again and attempt to have a full conversation with my grandmother.” —Alexander Hinchliffe, junior

“I’m going to L.A. to visit my aunt and will probably be studying for the SAT and volunteering at a doctor’s office for the rest of the summer.” —Raaita Anwar, sophomore

“I’m going to Yellowstone at the start of summer, but it’s the type of trip where we sleep in a tent in the woods for 10 days, so I’m kinda nervous for it. After that I have some medical programs lined up and I’m ending the summer by serving in the US Open Ball Crew.” —Kaileen So, sophomore

“The thing I’m looking forward to this summer is being a camp counselor for the first time.” —Leonardo Benitez, freshman

“I’m going to volunteer at a hospital I volunteered at last summer.” —Sara Shen, sophomore 

“Hang out with friends, study for the SAT, get [my] permit, [and] maybe go on vacation.” —Julia Klosowiak, sophomore 

“I am participating in an actuarial science camp.” —Trystan Wourtersz, junior

“I am working at Starbucks and going to occasional parties.” —Keith Yu, senior

“This summer I’m going to be volunteering at a children’s summer camp upstate to work on leading activities and planning events. Later in the summer, I am also going to visit the U.K. and France.” —Niamh Werner 

“I will be going on college tours and participating in an internship at a technological research company.” —Aiden Tan, junior 

“SAT prep and a Blackpink concert.” —Nicole Ni, sophomore

“I’m going to China in August, and I’m also looking for internships or summer jobs.” —Scott Chu, freshman

“I plan on playing basketball, studying Algebra 2 to prepare for next year, and maybe doing martial arts.” —Raahat Amin, freshman 

“I am going to help teach at my taekwondo place and go to the gym. I also want to try to get into gardening and volunteer.” —Joshua Eng, freshman

“I’m planning on taking a lab internship and also taking some time to catch up on a year’s worth of sleep that Stuyvesant has stolen from me.” —Yarza Aung, junior

“I’m going to be working at a tutoring center, doing a summer internship, and volunteering at a doctor’s office.” —Nicole Alaeva, junior

“This summer, my priority as a rising junior is SAT prep. But I also have plans revolving [around] my hobbies. I’m going to be participating in a dance showcase with LegaFamBam (go check us out on instagram @stuylegacy @lega.fam). I’ll also be trying my best to self-study Japanese and improve my speaking skills.” —Fiona Li, sophomore 

“This summer, I plan to work with SYEP as well as start my college application. I’m looking forward to SYEP because my work involves working with plants. It’ll be a new experience for me and I hope it’ll be a lot of fun. However, I’m most excited for the concert that I’ll be attending during the last week of summer break. It’ll be a motivation for me to push through all the work I’ll be doing.” —Kelly Liu, junior