Stuyvesant Sports, an Unforgettable Experience

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Issue 17, Volume 110

By Aki Yamaguchi 

As these athletes approach the end of their senior year, they reflect on how Stuyvesant athletics have meaningfully affected their lives. Take a closer look at what these seniors will never forget about their time on the sports teams at Stuyvesant.

“Stuy sports ha[ve] given me a sense of family at school and people I can confide in and hang out with when I’m at school. It's made me aware [of] the definition of teamwork and how important it is. It's shown me how to handle losses and how to move on [...] The connections and bonds I've created with most of my teammates [are] unbreakable, and [I know] that they'll always have my back—whether they're from basketball or football.” —Samson Badlia, senior: varsity football and basketball

“Every meet requires an entire team of athletes to each play their part and score points to win [...] During the past four seasons, I hope I was able to become a reliable captain and teammate for the rest of the team.” —Kai Yamamoto, senior and captain: varsity swimming

“I’ve made amazing friends through sports and it’s given me something to look forward to each day after school [...] What I‘ll miss the most will probably be the heart and spirit of every single person who comes out to the games or plays on a team. I’ll miss playing with my teammates and them cheering me up and making me laugh.” —Catherine Yu, senior and captain: varsity volleyball

“Stuy sports impacted my life a ridiculous amount. I made my closest friends on sports teams and I learned what kind of person I want to be from my teammates and [Coach] Miller [...] [I’ll miss] just having a big group where I feel comfortable and where everyone is so fun and supportive.” —Eve Wening, senior and captain: varsity soccer, basketball, and softball

“Stuy sports helped me find a family within Stuy[vesant] and people I can count on for help or for just about anything. Being on the team has also taught me to take risks, invest myself in winning, and to cheer louder. There would always be something to laugh at and some small anecdote we'd always remember. I feel incredibly lucky that I got to spend four years on a team with people that have become my best friends, and I'm going to miss all the crazy energy between everyone on the team.” —Laura Pehlivanian, senior and captain: varsity tennis

“[Volleyball] gave me a reason to get up in the mornings, and I couldn't be more grateful that I had the opportunity to play one of my favorite sports alongside some of the coolest guys for four years [...] From breaking lights in the hallways to eating Chipotle with [Coach] Choubaralian after a game, we made a lot of fun memories together—ones I won't soon forget. We all had a passion for playing our sport that brought us together, but the best part was that that passion didn't equate to aggressive competitiveness that some teams have to deal with.” —Timothy Stansberry, senior and captain: varsity volleyball