Stuyvesant’s Summer of 2018

Here’s what some of the student body was doing this summer in regards to travel, relaxation, and experiences.

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With the start of a new school year, Stuyvesant students prepare once again to dive into their academic and extracurricular responsibilities, leaving behind the summer of 2018. However, the experiences and the memories of the summer are far from lost. Here’s what some of the student body was up to this busy summer.

We received 146 responses through our online survey from returning students this summer:

Breakdown of Responses by Grade:

(60.2%) - Sophomores

(33.5%) - Juniors

(6.3%) - Seniors

What did you do this summer?

(41.8%) - “I traveled somewhere else in the country”

(35.6%) - “I traveled abroad”

(43.2%) - “I stayed in New York”

(37.7%) - “I visited family”

If you stayed in the city, what did you do?

(52.7%) - “I did a physical activity like sports or fitness”

(51.4%) - “I read a book”

(41.8%) - “I played video games”

(71.9%) - “I caught up on sleep”

(55.5%) - “I binged some shows”

(52.1%) - “I went to the park and enjoyed the weather”

(43.2%) - “I swam at the beach or the pool”

[Let’s put this bar graph under “If you stayed in the city, what did you do?”]

(21.2%) - “I got a paid job”

(23.3%) - “I got an internship”

(19.2%) - “I took test prep”

(34.9%) - “I took a class/studied (not related to test prep)”

(4.9%) - “I volunteered at an organization”

(24.0%) - “None of the above”

Did you stay connected with peers? (Pie Chart)

(85.9%) - “Yes”

(14.1%) - “No”

If you did stay connected, how? (Bar Graph)

(87.4%) - “Text”

(92.1%) - “Social media”

(48.8%) - “Phone or video calls”

(78.7%) - “In person”


“One of the writing prompts I gave [the children I tutored this summer] was to create an invention no one had ever made before. While many of them wrote about teleportation or time travel machines, one created a ninja exoskeleton suit for pandas, equipped with a grenade launcher. His drawing was absolutely adorable, and it made my day.”

—Amanda Li, senior

“I did an electronics-based project at Cooper Union's Summer STEM Program. My project was a solar-powered array of lights which grew progressively brighter in dark rooms and dimmer in bright rooms (which saves energy used by the lights).”

—Saahir Ganti-Agrawal, senior

“I was studying abroad in Paris this summer and I was there when the World Cup finals were happening. It was a really interesting experience because France’s Independence Day was on July 14, and the World Cup finale when France won was on the day after. On Bastille day (their Independence day) there was a parade on Champs Élysées, which is a really large street leading up to the Arc de Triomphe. [...] On the Eiffel Tower, there were also animations to accompany the music playing. They told stories [...] using dancing. After the fireworks show was over, the animation changed to some text that said, "Allez Les Bleus," which translates into: “Go The Blues.” Les Bleus is what their soccer team was called, and it was referring to tomorrow's World Cup finale. Immediately everyone started chanting along, "Allez Les Bleus! Allez Les Bleus!" The streets were filled with people, and so was the metro; we ended up getting home at 2:00 a.m. that day.”

—Abir Taheer, sophomore

“I was able to shadow several doctors and scrub in on surgeries. The most interesting part was the atmosphere in the OR, how we prepared, how we cleaned up. This one time, I got to choose the music, and I put my playlist on shuffle, and each song that played was explicit, and all the doctors and nurses ended up singing along, even the curses.”

—Mashzida Matin, senior

“I worked at an archaeology dig at a 1st-2nd Century C.E. Roman village in Israel.”

—Jonathan Schneiderman, sophomore


Locations Where Stuyvesant Students Traveled this Summer:

* Athens, Greece

* Crete, Greece

* Paris, France

* Boston, Massachusetts, USA

* Texas, USA

* Pennsylvania, USA

* England, UK

* Wales, UK

* Utah, USA

* Ithaca, New York, USA

* Taiwan, China

* Oslo, Norway

* Mexico

* South Korea

* Austin, Texas, USA

* St. Louis, Missouri, USA

* Australia

* Minnesota, USA

* Poland

* Germany

* Vienna, Austria

* Holland

* Ljubljana, Slovenia

* Israel

* Huntsville, Alabama

* Dover, Delaware

* India

* Washington D.C., USA

* Swiss Alps

* China