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Stuyle Corner: SUMMER STYLE

To inform readers on summer styles and trends.

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The sun is out, the birds are singing, and we have officially found the need to turn on the ACs in our second home again. Only weeks ago we were still wearing our puffy parkas and coats, and suddenly it’s 90 degrees at lunchtime. All of which means it’s shorts season! As well as the season for skirts, dresses, rompers, and any other summer item you can dream of. With the change in weather comes a change in style, so I’m here with some pointers for what to wear when it’s too hot to stay inside.

The summer palette is all about playing with colors. Other than the bright hues characteristic of this season—yellows, pinks, reds, and blues—lavender is also expected to make its way into our closets and our hearts. The delicacy of this color gives it that pretty, flower-like vibe, yet simultaneously evokes the sunset feel of cool summer nights. To make it stand out, use lavender in places you normally wouldn’t expect. It would look incredible in a statement leather jacket or a pair of denim shorts. It would also work well as an unorthodox color in makeup—think a matte pink-lavender lip, soft sparkling lavender blush, or blue toned all-around eyeshadow. The options are endless.

In terms of texture, light and thin fabrics are the go-to for time in the sun. Chiffon is perfect in the sticky weather because of its cool and wispy qualities, and it flutters beautifully in the rare summer breeze. Personally, I love it because it is reminiscent of late walks on the beach, with wind rippling through your hair and sea salt clinging to your skin. Due to the flowy nature of this material, chiffon is flattering on almost any body type. It would go flawlessly in a breezy dress, especially a maxi-length style with a fitted bodice for contrast. Alternatively, it would be very nice for a loose floral-printed blouse or ruffled off-the-shoulder top.

In my opinion, the most essential summer item is the well-loved black tube top. There is nothing more classic and universal than this simple accentuating top, which matches every outfit and looks put-together in every occasion. For a relaxed vibe, you can pair this top with light mom jeans, casual sneakers, an accentuating belt, and hoop earrings. To make it more elegant, wear it with a neat, solid-color mini skirt, nude block heels, and a pretty necklace. Whether it’s to the shopping mall, a birthday party, or the café down the street, you can count on this timeless item to get you there.

Denim is very popular in everything from jackets to the classic denim shorts. For jackets, a cropped style is always a go-to. Try one with a frayed, unfinished lower hem for that carefree summer look. If desired, you can add a personal twist to any denim item by wearing an unconventional color instead of the typical blue. For example, red is powerful and easy to match up with tops, yellow is bold and gives off a strong summery mood, pink is pretty and romantic—the list goes on.

The must-have item for this season, however, is the denim skirt. They are as fun as skirts come, casual for their reminiscence to jeans and shorts, yet can also be worn semi-formally with the right outfit. Washed black, white, pale blue, button-down, zip-up—with so many styles to choose from, there is a denim skirt for everyone. Some suggestions for how to style it are to combine an above-the-knee A-line with a fitted top (such as a white tube top or simple red tank) and a delicate, light-colored cardigan (think cream or white). Another idea is to wear a body-hugging mini skirt with boots and a loose and colorful graphic tee tucked in for that easy, vintage vibe.

Of course, a list of summer clothing is incomplete without mentioning dresses. Styles sported this season are typically fitted on top with a fun and bouncy skirt. Some trends to try out are strappy backs, wrap dresses, button-downs, and delicate floral prints. To add another dimension, layer a jacket on top, such as a modern white denim, western caramel suede, or even a statement two-tone tweed. A personal favorite summer look is to combine a pretty dress with an edgy leather jacket. Contrast will always make an outfit more interesting and unique.

One style to pay special attention to this season is separates. Separates are basically dresses, but cut up into a top and a skirt. These are so great because of the freedom they offer—you can opt to wear them as a dress or simply use one of the parts in another outfit. For example, pair the top with jeans and layered necklaces. Another idea is to use the skirt as a beach cover-up over your favorite one-piece. Their versatility makes this item a must-have for your vacation wardrobe.

One last tip—have fun with it! Summer is all about being happy and easygoing, so open up your closet and reach for the sun.

To continue reading about summer trends and styles for accessories, swimwear, and more, pick up the next Spectator issue for the continuation of this column.