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The focus of this article is to inspire readers to wear statement pieces and provide tips on how to do it.

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A note to our readers: This marks the first installment of Julia Panas’s tentatively ongoing column, “Stuyle Corner,” the intention of which is to comment on topics of fashion in and out of Stuy, and hopefully inspire students in their own fashion sense.

A lime lip, a costume tutu skirt, a studded leather jacket. You see them on the street and your eyes turn instantly in admiration. It’s those statements that make one stand out from the crowd. You look and you think, “I wish I could pull that off.”

Despite a large interest in statements, many people are disinclined to take the leap. What may seem like as simple task—swiping on a shade of lipstick, for example—becomes magnified in difficulty when you start to second-guess yourself. These feelings are normal when trying something new for the first time, and a new look is no exception. But that doesn’t mean you can’t overcome them. All you need is a bit of courage.

As with anything, you’ll never know the value of wearing statements if you don’t try.

Even though you may have doubts initially, by the end of the day your confidence will be greatly increased and your mood much improved. Yes, people will look. But not in judgment—they will look in idolization. You will be surprised by the number of compliments you get that day just for trying something different. You will be surprised by how empowered stepping out of your comfort zone will make you feel. All thanks to that piece in the back of your closet you have always wanted to wear but haven’t been brave enough to until now. If you can get over that fear, then girl, you can do anything!

I highly recommend trying this out if you are an introverted person. There is a whole world out there, so go explore it! Statements are known to be a conversation starter, and are very effective for meeting new people. It all starts with a step.

For some of us, donning these bold looks isn’t anything new. At Stuyvesant in particular, the red lip and printed or colored pants have made themselves popular amidst our ten floors. Statement earrings also have their fair share of the spotlight, with everything from colorful baubles to wire designs to kitsch-inspired fruit and teapots. However, even those who have tried out the trend can always challenge themselves to go further. We all create limits for ourselves, and expanding them will only expand the number of things we can achieve.

An easy way to find inspiration for new looks is through online sources such as Pinterest and Instagram. I also suggest shopping at smaller businesses. Your items will not only be more unique than those from a mass-producing corporation, but also higher quality, and your purchases will support the local community. If you are on a budget, pay special attention to how you can DIY a statement, which will make the piece that much more personalized to you. Thrifting, too, can be incredibly rewarding. These are the methods that I personally use the most, but do what works for you.

As for the question that comes to us all—what to wear? If you want to start small, try exaggerating pieces you already own. Wear hoop earrings instead of studs, then move on to beads, dangles, and exotic shapes. Remember, the bigger the statement, the bigger the reaction. Don’t be afraid to go all out!

Another option is lipstick. A millennial pink, a classic red, a brilliant green—go as far as you are not comfortable. The same goes for clothing. If you usually wear black, try wearing a pastel or bright color. If jeans are your go-to, try a skirt or a pair of trousers. Better yet, try something eccentric—for example, a fuzzy blue jacket, checker-print overalls, a 50s-style skirt, or a sequin shirt. Wear what inspires you, and you will inspire others.

Don’t be afraid to get out there and try something new. And remember, this is applicable to girls, boys, and everyone in between. You are not confined by your gender to wearing certain clothes. The purpose of statements is to step out of your box and wear what you want to wear, so figure out what your box is and erase those lines! Nothing can stop you. I promise, it will be more amazing than you can imagine.