Spectator Photo Contest Announcement

The Spectator Photo Department is announcing a schoolwide photo contest titled “Beauty Within the Beast”—and there are prizes!

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The Spectator’s Photo Department is announcing a schoolwide photo contest, titled “Beauty Within the Beast,” with the intent of highlighting the artistic talent of the members in our community. The criteria of the contest is to take a photo within or around the Stuyvesant buildingor of the people that make up Stuyvesant—and showcase the positive attributes of our school. Participants have complete freedom to create a photograph entailing anything, so long as it has an explicable link to the Stuyvesant community. Stuyvesant has gained a reputation for its stressful academic environment, so this contest serves as an opportunity to change this narrative and portray the beauty of this school. Participants can use either a smartphone or a camera to take their photo, and are required to submit at least one photo but have the option of submitting multiple. Photo editing is allowed for making minor refinements to the picture. The winner will receive a $20 gift card. Lastly, the top 10 submissions will be published in one of the upcoming issues of The Spectator. Submissions must be taken and sent in before Tuesday, April 16. Scan the QR Code on this page or go to this link to submit your photo(s). Any questions should be emailed to The Photo Department and Editorial Board will act as the judges of this competition. Regardless of prior experience in photography, we encourage all to participate. You don’t have to take the best photos to capture the most beautiful traits of our community. Best of luck, and more importantly, have fun!