Rookie Wrestler Dominates The Mat

Inside the mind of Sean Ging, senior wrestler, on his mission to conquer the PSAL.

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By Jingwei Liu

Name: Sean Ging

Grade: Senior

Height: 6’2”

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: January 19, 2004

1. When and how did you get into wrestling? How long have you been on the ​​Spartans, the Stuyvesant wrestling team?

I started wrestling this year, but I still wish to have joined sooner, during sophomore or junior year! So many of my friends were on the wrestling team, so that definitely encouraged me to join.

2. What inspired you to join the wrestling team here at Stuyvesant?

I wanted to join a team with a sense of community that would drive me to improve every day as an athlete, competitor, and person. The people, leadership, and culture wrestling has is awesome and makes each practice so much better to be at. Also, as a rugby player I wanted to join a sport where I could become stronger before my next rugby season, and I felt wrestling was perfect.

3. Do you have a most memorable/proud moment with the Stuyvesant wrestling team?

I was most proud of my team when we placed 2nd during the Springfield High School tournament. Many of the new wrestlers on the team beat more experienced competition and showed massive improvement. I remember one of our freshmen, Jeffrey Huang, dominated his first match, and I was really happy for him.

4. What is your strategy for constantly improving yourself (specific workouts, exercises, etc.)?

During wrestling season, I trained every day with my team. Outside of practices, I did a lot of calisthenics and weights, including pull-ups, box jumps, shoulder press, bulgarian split squats, and core work. I believe that consistent growth comes with consistent work and discipline, so I trained every day. I also try to get eight to nine hours of sleep every day and eat the same meals every day, be it omelets, chicken, or fish with vegetables. Nearing the end of the wrestling season, I began to add in sprints and more explosive work in preparation for my next rugby season. Adding in more stretching and warm-ups has helped me push my limits.

5. What is one of the biggest obstacles you have faced while doing wrestling?

During the beginning of the season, I dealt with an ankle injury I sustained while playing rugby. Everyday I would tape my ankle and put on an ankle brace during practice, and then ice my ankle and work on range-of-motion exercises after practice. It forced me to be disciplined when pushing past the discomfort while also avoiding further injury.

Also, balancing athletics with schoolwork was another obstacle I faced, especially during the end of the first semester with college applications. Wrestling, however, was a great outlet for my stress during the day, and forced me to be more diligent with my time.

6. How do you think the Stuyvesant wrestling team has changed you as a wrestler/person?

Stuyvesant Wrestling certainly made me a better athlete, person, and leader. I’ve been blessed to train with great wrestlers like Ryan Poon, Justin Kim, Saif El Mosalami, and Daniel Abramov. Every Spartan is so passionate about getting better at wrestling and helping others get better. This year especially we cultivated a winning culture and I’m certain our underclassmen will continue adding to it.

Wrestling also humbles me, as you have to train hard everyday and push through losing matches, making mistakes on the mat, and having bad days. Each match is up to you to win, and you have to face your self-doubts and make the most of your skills. It’s sometimes discouraging to lose, but it's also refreshing when you come out victorious and place first in a tournament after attacking your weaknesses day in and day out.

7. Do you have any plans to continue the sport in the future, in college, etc.?

I may join a wrestling club during college, or use my wrestling skills to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I definitely plan to stay active in college.

9. Do you have any pre-meet superstition or ritual?

Before every meet or tournament I would warm up with Daniel Abramov. I did drills but also looked for moves I could use to face him as preparation for the other strong heavyweights I would likely be facing. I also always make time for a good stretch so I stay loose on the mat. If I’m stressed the day before a tournament I’ll listen to an interview with Dan Gable, the greatest wrestler ever, and get into his mindset.

10. What is your favorite match that you have been in?

My first match on December 9 at Martin Luther King High School comes to mind. I was so nervous beforehand and had watched my team come back to tie the number of team points at the dual meet. As I walked onto the mat, I cleared my mind and my doubt faded. I remember being down in points and on the ground for most of the match. Hearing my teammates chanting and telling me to get up motivated me while I was down. Once I escaped from the bottom position, everything clicked for me and I gave a smile to my opponent. I remember the feeling of adrenaline after pinning him in that match, and I knew then and there wrestling was for me.

Funniest Teammate? All of them are so funny, so how could I choose? Kai Gangi, Tenzin Monlam, Anvar Kadirbekov, Trystan Woutersz, and Azamat Kutlukov come to mind.

Favorite Wrestler? Gable Stevenson and Dan Gable

Pre Game Snack/Drink? Oranges and apples

Favorite Class: AP Calculus BC with Mr. Cocoros

Hobbies Beside Sports: Reading books, hanging out with friends, going on walks, exploring the city

Favorite Movie(s) or Show(s): Central Intelligence, Curb Your Enthusiasm

Favorite Book(s): The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky, Ecclesiastes, and About Face by Colonel David Hackworth.