Robotic Rats Rebellion?!?!

A kid tried taking over school with robotic rats unsuccessfully.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Deep within the Robotics lab came the noisy clash of metal and sizzling of wires, as well as the maniacal laugh of a student. “Hahh…haha..HAHAHAHAHA, I’ve outdone myself again!” proclaimed the student as he held up a mechanical model of a rat. “With this, I SHALL TAKE OVER THE SCHOOL!!! Just like my parents foretold. Starting from tomorrow, I shall CONQUER this school and leave no one unpunished. Ah, but first I need to leave before the bridge entrance closes and I have to walk down those wretched steps.” As he walked out of the lab, careful to stay out of the janitor’s sight, he set down a few of his robotic rats in a secluded corner of the hallway and let them roam. 

The Next Day

As faculty and students began entering the school building, they noticed an odd, almost metallic smell permeating throughout. “AHHHHHHHHHH M-MOUSEEE!!!!” shrieked a girl as she ran away from the senior bar. As students heard this, they either escaped while screeching or gathered around to see how a mouse could have possibly gotten into Stuyvesant, a prestigious school with a sanitary inspection grade of B. At first glance, the rat looked like a cute fuzzy rodent, but upon closer inspection, it was made entirely out of metal and had unusually sharp teeth and wheels instead of legs. No one had the guts to catch it so they cleared a path for it as it ran back into the shadows. This happened a few more times that day and at the end of the day, faculty held a last minute meeting about what to do with the rats. 

“Should we call animal control? Or maybe the exterminators?” asked a math teacher. 

“No…this problem is beyond us. We need the help of URRS, the United Robotic Rat Slayers! I’ll give them a call right now actually,” announced an English teacher. She called and asked for a team to come ASAP. 

The Next Day

As students began gathering on the bridge, they were barred from entering the building. They stood by and watched in awe as a group of 10 or so people in full hazmat suits armed with items from flamethrowers to their slippers walked heroically down the bridge into the school. Once inside, the slayers realized the situation was worse than they thought. The rats had already reproduced dozens of times and mutated beyond recognition. One had a chainsaw coming out its back, another hissed and splattered oil on the ground, and there was one with a long robotic arm bashing things with a biology textbook. 

The slayers got to work thrashing and pummeling robot rats and were doing pretty well until the rats started coming together and forming a giant swarm in the shape of a person. Things were looking meek for the slayers but one of them noticed a young boy lurking in the corner.

“HEY! What are you doing here? Get outta here,” yelled the slayer while running towards the boy. As he neared him, he realized that the boy had a remote controller in his hand and putting two and two together, he yanked the controller away. All the rats stopped moving and created a deafening clattering sound as metal met the floor tile. 

“Who are you?” demanded the slayer as he threw the controller onto the ground, breaking it in half.

“I-, I- uh well um wahHahhhHhHHHahhHhahHH” 

“You sniff broke my sniff rats, now what am I supposed to do? My parents are gonna be so disappointed in me for not conquering the school. WAhhhhahAHhhhhahA,” sobbed the boy.

“Uh, I think what your parents mean by conquering is getting good grades and doing well and not.. uh- all of this? Well, I’ll leave this up to your principal.”

“Huh? I… did all this for… nothing?” 

The boy cried as he was dragged into the principal’s office for a long talk with his parents and students were now allowed in to go to class and continue with their day.

What they didn’t notice was a conscious, robotic rat, scuttering off to plan for the revenge of its family.