Rise of the Renegades

Stuyvesant’s girls’ varsity softball team, the Renegades, have had a great start to the season, exceeding preseason expectations.

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By The Softball Team

It’s post-spring break: seniors are finally done with the college process, pollen is getting on everyone’s nerves, and the sun is out again—spring is in full swing, and so is Stuyvesant’s girls’ varsity softball team, the Renegades. Currently, the Renegades are second in the Manhattan AA division, with a 5-3 record. Looking to clinch the division this year, they’ve been working extremely hard this season, starting off with a bang in their first couple of games. 

Due to the fact that many seniors left the team after a successful 2021-2022 season, the Renegades’ chances this season were uncertain, especially after being moved up to the AA division. Despite an increase in competition, they’ve managed to put up some spectacular performances through seven games, proving they belong with the big dogs. However, this was not the case before the season started, with a shaky preseason leading to even more uncertainty for the team. “Preseason began about a month before the season actually started, but opening games are always a time for readjustment,” senior co-captain Marion Rambler said.

Nonetheless, the team won three of their first four games, setting the tone for the rest of the season. The team’s overall composure and performance in these preliminary matches has proven that any preseason expectations were to be exceeded throughout the season. “We hope to finish the season strong with a goal of ten wins and greatly look forward to attending playoffs again,” senior co-captain Jovana Simic said. 

This newfound success for the Renegades did not come without hard work; in fact, many games have been won due to the amount of effort the whole team has put in and, specifically, by some of the team’s underclassmen. Particularly, sophomore pitchers Ava Maddox and Charlotte Sternbach have been pitching consistently all season and have stepped up when the Renegades have needed them this season. In a home game against New Dorp on April 3, they pitched a combined six innings, striking out three batters in that time. Additionally, co-captains Venus Wan, Rambler, and Simic have led by example on and off the field. They combined for eight of the team’s 19 runs and four of nine RBIs on April 19 at Beacon. Despite the contributions the seniors have made to the team’s success, the Renegades’ success thus far was due to their collective team effort and the strong chemistry that characterizes the team. “Our team is well-rounded and reliable,” Wan said.

With strong expectations for the rest of the season, the Renegades look forward to continuing their dominance in the PSAL AA division, something not many would have thought possible prior to the season. Additionally, as the season progresses, the team has only been getting better, with the seniors laying the groundwork for the up-and-coming stars of the show. “As captains, we hope to leave the team with a solid foundation to continue winning AA games,” Rambler said. Their story of overcoming the odds and exceeding expectations tells a tale of perseverance and dedication to the sport of softball. This leaves us with the question: what can’t the Renegades achieve when they put in the effort?