Regarding the February 25 Incident in the Senior Atrium

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By Maddy Andersen

The Spectator investigated the incident that occured on the second floor during fifth period on Tuesday, February 25. Privacy protocol prevents most administrators and other faculty from publicly commenting on the incident. Here is what we know:

During fifth period on Tuesday, February 25, a male senior, who was high on an unspecified drug, punched one or more glass cases in the second-floor hallway near the Irwin Zahn Innovation Lab. His hands began to bleed from the glass punctures, and the student then entered the Innovation Lab, where he punched a student but did not inflict serious injury. The teacher in the lab immediately dialed Assistant Principal of Security Brian Moran, but the student left the Lab before he could arrive.

Hoping to calm the student down, Moran cornered him at the base of the 2-3 escalator. The student seemed to settle down under Moran’s supervision, until he got up and ran through the senior atrium. Despite rumors of what occured in the senior atrium, the student did not punch or violently harm any freshman girl or any student at this time. Moran chased him while another administrator called 911.

The disciplinary measures that will be taken, if any, are undisclosed; it is likely that the student will either face an in-school suspension, which would not appear on the student’s permanent academic record, or a superintendent suspension, which would appear on the student’s record.