Parents’ Association Financial Report: Fall 2020

A financial report of the Stuyvesant Parents’ Association’s revenue and expenses.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Stuyvesant High School Parents’ Association (PA) has shared its budget report for the 2020-2021 school year with The Spectator. This report outlines how the PA has generated and allocated its funds for this year, as well as what it hopes to accomplish in the spring semester.

This school year, the PA generated $438,100 in total revenue, an amount slightly higher than the approximate average of $430,000 in prior years. One of the largest initiatives that helped fund the PA was the annual appeal, a yearly donation fundraising event. The annual appeal, along with the Spring Feast, a community fundraising event that occurs in the spring, as well as funds from Matching Gifts, Administrative Fees, Interest/Investment Income, and Stuyvesant Merchandise, comprise the PA’s total revenue.

As a tax-exempt non-profit, the PA’s funds are almost entirely dedicated to the student body. Aside from Administration and Fundraising costs, which amount to slightly over $100,000, the remaining revenue is allocated primarily toward General Support, which provides educational resources and opportunities to students. General Support funds are spent on grade-book systems, such as Jupiter Ed and PupilPath, as well as test prep systems such as and Eduware. Administration and Staffing Support funds cover the salary of Internship Coordinator Harvey Blumm and summer health classes.

Other major expenditures include the Principal’s Fund, Senior Activities, and College Office-related expenses. This year, more money was allocated to the Principal's Fund due to an additional COVID-19 Family Support Fund. Compared to last year’s Principal Fund amount of $64,679, $91,700 was spent this year. In total, program services expenses amounted to $445,715 for the 2020-2021 school year.

The other half of the PA’s expenses are dedicated to appropriations for various academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities at Stuyvesant. There are two rounds of appropriations each year—one in the Fall and Spring—to ensure that there is sufficient funding year-round for activities. Student leaders, teachers, coaches, and staff have the opportunity to apply for funding from the PA through the Appropriations Committee each time, in case they do not receive funding in the Fall. This school year, appropriations alone constitute $204,000 of the total $445,715 projected budget for the school year.

The amount allocated for academic appropriation was $85,000, while another $80,000 was reserved for extracurriculars. The academic appropriation funds cover academic requests from each subject, including funds for orchestra instruments, textbooks, and science labs. Athletics and PSAL receive their own round of appropriations aside from academics, extracurriculars, administration, and college office. Approximately $25,000 was allocated to Athletics.

There have not been any drastic changes in the budget in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The PA received fewer requests this year because sports have been on hold, clubs haven’t had the opportunity to host in-person events, and learning has been online. Due to fewer requests, they were able to grant larger portions of funds to requests. The PA aims to continue working closely with students, teachers, and staff to ensure that they receive the funding they need.